Morgan Riddle Shares Her Beauty Secrets, From Splurges to Botox

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Morgan Riddle doesn’t play tennis, but if you know about the sport, chances are, you know about her. If you know about fashion, you also likely know about her. And if you’ve spent any time at all scrolling TikTok in the last year, you absolutely know about her. The influencer, who is dating professional tennis player Taylor Fritz (who is currently ranked number 13 in the world), has made a name for herself in the fashion and beauty spaces, and her popularity shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Over the last few years, she’s managed to amass a social media following of over half a million people. In one of her most viral TikTok videos, she talks about wanting to “make tennis cool again,” and in our opinion, she’s achieved her goal and then some. Ahead, Riddle chats with PS, sharing some of her beauty non-negotiables, her worst beauty habit, and more.

Morgan Riddle’s Beauty Habits

When it comes to her “worst” beauty habit, Riddle says it’s likely how often she doesn’t wash her hair. She goes four or five days, sometimes a week, in between hair washing. “I bleach my hair heavily, so it dries out so much that I actually don’t have to wash it as much and it doesn’t get greasy as easily,” she tells PS. This is also the reason why she always wears a hoodie when traveling. “It’s one of my weird things — I have to wear a sweatshirt with a hood and I never let my hair touch the airplane seat,” she says. “Then I don’t feel as gross from it touching what’s obviously touched a lot of strangers’ heads.” However, Riddle says she still tries to plan her wash days accordingly, so she’s cleansing the day she lands somewhere new.

She typically rotates between two styles: half-up, half-down, and a low ponytail when her hair is due for a wash. “I’m a fidgeter and I’ll play with my hair,” she says. “It can come off distracting and maybe insecure, so I usually wear my hair up so I’m not messing with it.”

Morgan Riddle’s Beauty Non-Negotiables

Although Riddle considers herself to be pretty low-maintenance, she does have a few non-negotiables when it comes to beauty. Riddle has had keratin-tip (K-tip) extensions for about a year, and she actually visits her hometown to get them installed. “I get them done every five or six months, and I usually fly back to Minnesota because the same girl has been doing my hair since 2017,” she says. She loves them because they don’t involve a ton of upkeep. “You can wash normally, brush [them] normally,” she says. “Like I said, I wear my hair half-up a lot and you can’t tell [or] see it because the little bonds are so tiny, that they blend in with my natural hair. They’re more of an expense, but they’ve been the best solution for me.”

As for nails, while she used to get gel-X manicures, she’s switched to press-on nails. “In a lot of the cities we went to, a lot of places in Europe don’t offer gel-X,” she says. “I was really frustrated with it, so I switched to press-ons and they’ve been great. I can make them last two weeks.” Her favorite brand is Paint Lab because “they have a lot of cool designs.” One design she loves is the Paintlab So Strawberry Pink Set ($9).

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Riddle also swears by the Pan Oxyl Acne Foaming Wash ($3) and says it’s the number one thing that’s helped with her acne. “I’m super acne prone, especially because I try so many new products with my job,” she says. “If I stop using Pan Oxyl for a week, my face erupts. It’s the only face wash I’ll use and probably will continue using for a long time.”

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Morgan Riddle on Biggest Beauty Splurges

While Riddle’s hair extensions could fall under this category, she says the most expensive products she owns are probably the Dyson Airwrap ($600), which is an editor-favorite, and the Dr. Dennis Gross LED Mask ($455). “I thought about getting [the mask] for so long,” she says. “I kept seeing stuff about how big of a difference it can make for your skin, and you can put it on your head for hair growth. It felt like a worthy investment.”

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She also says she “can’t live” without her other Dyson tools. “I have the Airwrap, the Airstrait, and the Coralle; I have everything. I’m a big fan and that’s helped with my hair health a lot, too.”

Morgan Riddle’s Favorite Cosmetic Treatments

Though it’s not a traditional product, Riddle’s routine Botox also counts as a splurge-worthy investment. She goes every six months, which she feels also helps her with her acne. “I tend to breakout a lot on my forehead, but it also slows down the sebum production.” That’s not the only cosmetic treatment she’s gotten over the years, though it is the only one she sticks with religiously. She’s also had filler in the past. “I haven’t gotten filler in a long time, but I loved it. I’m supportive of doing any of that stuff that makes you feel better, and it definitely made me look better,” Riddle says.

While we’re not sure exactly what’s in store for Riddle next, we are sure it’ll be a win.

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