Inspired by Twitter’s Struggles, Facebook Considers Making an App Where You Can Post Text. Wait a Second…

BREAD AND BUTTER In the wake of Twitter's chaotic exchange of power, a number of social media platforms have thrown their hat in the succession ring. And among them, curiously, is, uh — checks notes — Facebook? In a team meeting last month, members of the struggling Facebook-turned-Meta organization brainstormed ways to replace Twitter on […]
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New Details Emerge About the “Peculiar Odor” on International Space Station

Strange Scents There's still no definitive answer as to what that bizarre smell is on the International Space Station, but a new report may provide some clues. In a Fast Company report about Colgate-Palmolive's recent collaboration with NASA, astronaut Catherine "Cady" Coleman described a stinky situation aboard the space station that could at least be contributing […]
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