Ezra Miller Seemingly Had Their Role Quietly Recast in Invincible

In an unsurprising twist for fans of the Prime Video series Invincible, it appears that the studio quietly recast Ezra Miller’s role of D.A. Sinclair.

As reported by THR, D.A. Sinclair is one of many villains Invincible has encountered in the series and Miller voiced the character in one episode in Season 1.

While not a major character, D.A. Sinclair did reappear in the most recent episode of Season 7, titled “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” but not by Miller. The character was instead voiced by Eric Bauza, a prolific voice actor who has done work on shows such as Rick & Morty, X-Men ’97, Looney Tunes, and Bob’s Burgers. In the case of Bob’s Burgers, Bauza was recast as the voice of the recurring character Jimmy Pesto after the show fired the original voice actor, Jay Johnston.

Miller voiced the character D.A. Sinclair in the first season of Invincible. Image Credit: Prime Video
Miller voiced the character D.A. Sinclair in the first season of Invincible. Image Credit: Prime Video

While no official reason was given for the recast, it is likely due to Miller’s many legal issues over the last several years. Some of the controversies include Miller being charged with felony burglary, a video surfacing of them choking a female outside a bar in Iceland, and being charged with second-degree assault in Hawaii.

In 2022, Miller apologized for their behavior, explaining that they’re suffering “complex mental health issues.” Miller has had many roles but is best known as the Flash in the DC Extended Universe, including the most recent film, 2023’s The Flash.

Though it seemed like their future as the sultan of speed was in jeopardy following the numerous controversies, in January 2023, it was reported that some Warner Bros. Discovery executives were still willing to work with Miller, citing that they had begun mental health treatment and have stayed out of trouble.

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