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Jun 9, 2024

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Speaker 1: In addition to all these great games, we are introducing a new all digital series X and expanding color and storage options across the series X and S lineup. They’ll be coming to select markets this holiday. These new X and s consoles alongside the many other devices in our Xbox gaming family offer you more choices. It’s our mission to make Xbox the best place for you to play by including the titles from our own studios and game pass at launch [00:00:30] by bringing your games into the future with our commitment to game preservation by pushing the technical boundaries in our future hardware and empowering you to play your games anywhere you want. On Xbox consoles, PC and cloud.

Speaker 2: [00:02:30] Good evening.

Speaker 3: The Soviet Union is no more despite [00:03:00] a potential for instability and chaos, these events clearly serve our national interest free in the specter of global conflict.

Speaker 2: Today we

Speaker 4: Celebrate the mystery of American renewal.

Speaker 5: Something’s going on. Something big.

Speaker 6: [00:03:30] I’m a fire. Big fire starts.

Speaker 5: I figured if I stuck around hell long enough, I’d see the devil.

Speaker 7: How’s he look?

Speaker 6: I’m a fire starter.

Speaker 5: The agency is compromised, but being hunted from the inside,

Speaker 6: The other fire start twist.

Speaker 7: You don’t have to trust me Marsha, [00:04:00] but it might be better if you do.

Speaker 5: Hey, something you should see. What the hell are we getting into? Don’t trust anyone.

Speaker 2: You broke into a CIA black site. [00:04:30] Are you out of your mind?

Speaker 5: Things got complicated.

Speaker 3: May God continue to bless the United States of America,

Speaker 8: [00:07:00] Not looking little friend. This will take more than you and me. What are you thinking? We need someone to be our eyes and ears in the shadows and someone to bring a little darkness and the daylight. [00:07:30] We’re going into the fade, aren’t we? And digging up a lot of buried secrets. What about dark spa?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 8: Someone who will stand between us and a pack of demons. You know there will be dragons, right? [00:08:00] We’ll need someone with fire in their blood. One more thing. This crew needs a leader. Someone we can count on. Someone that the world can count on. But where are we going to find?

Speaker 9: [00:08:30] Did your father ever tell you why my bones ache [00:09:00] in the weather

Speaker 2: War?

Speaker 9: Their soldiers

Speaker 2: Killed everyone.

Speaker 10: I do not fear our enemy. They talk of peace and dream of war. [00:09:30] Our people deserve to be freed of. The oppressors

Speaker 2: Grasp

Speaker 11: Engine is a lonely past. Now believe me, there are other ways to heal

Speaker 12: People so quick to abuse their power. Do not deserve to keep

Speaker 2: It. There is much we will [00:10:00] learn from each other.

Speaker 11: You can see when two people fit, when they will be better together,

Speaker 2: There

Speaker 12: Is no honor.

Speaker 10: Together [00:10:30] we will bring justice back to the people.

Speaker 13: So you want to know all about heroes, dear? Well, you have come to the right place because who better to tell you all about them than perhaps the greatest hero [00:11:00] of them all? Yeah, there he is in all his finery. Cheers. I mean, sure you get your mega fans. You

Speaker 2: Are like literally my favorite person.

Speaker 13: The haters.

Speaker 2: [00:11:30] It’s like a fan club. But we hate you.

Speaker 13: There are chances and the occasional giant tow for some reason, but it’s more than that. It’s about the choices you make.

Speaker 2: I’m a hero. I should do what I want. You

Speaker 10: Thought you could save her.

Speaker 13: It’s your life and death. That’s what defines you isn’t it really stays with you. [00:12:00] I knew there’s one hero I took her in when she had nowhere else to go. Welcome to the most exclusive club in all of Alion. Thought I’d get her out there. Make the most of her gift. But you know what it’s like when you’re young and you have a point to prove. I tell you, this kid, she had it all. The skill, the talent, the power, she was [00:12:30] something else. Alright? She was terrifying. So yeah, I knew this girl once who made all the wrong choices.

Speaker 2: Humphrey. She’s back.

Speaker 14: I am going to fix it this place [00:13:00] and no one is going to stand in my

Speaker 2: Way.

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