Victor Tangermann

Victor Tangermann

Oil Is Pouring Into the Gulf of Mexico

A major oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is sending over 1 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, alarming local authorities and wildlife conservationists. As the Washington Post reports, officials traced back the spill to near a pipeline operated by oil company Main Pass Oil Gathering, but it's unclear if it […]

In Stunning Reversal, OpenAI Rehires Sam Altman

  After an extremely confusing five days, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has made his triumphant return to helm the ChatGPT maker. In a statement released late Tuesday evening, the company claimed that it had "reached an agreement in principle for Sam Altman to return to OpenAI as CEO" — but with a reshuffled non-profit board, […]

OpenAI Ponders How to Crush Staff Revolt

Staff Mutiny Once at the front of the AI race, OpenAI was the company to watch.  Then, last week happened. All hell broke loose when OpenAI's governing non-profit board fired CEO Sam Altman, leading the vast majority of employees to actively revolt, voicing their discontent on X-formerly-Twitter in the form of heart emojis in support […]

SpaceX’s Starship Reaches Space, Immediately Explodes

New Heights Around seven months of orbital pad upgrades, governmental red tape, and an extensive environmental assessment later, SpaceX has launched its second orbital attempt of its massive Starship rocket. The massive rocket roared into life at the company's launch site in South Texas on Saturday, with its Super Heavy booster helping it to reach […]

Scientists Simulate What It’s Like to Dive Into Uranus

The ice giants Uranus and Neptune are shrouded in a frosty and swirling atmosphere of mainly hydrogen and helium. Neither planet features a solid surface, greatly complicating our efforts to explore them. Suspected liquid oceans are buried beneath thick layers of surface clouds, greatly obscuring their cores from our view. In fact, they're the two […]