Victor Tangermann

Victor Tangermann

Leak Shows Camping Shelter That Hooks Onto Cybertruck

Basecamp We're just hours away from Tesla's long-awaited delivery event of its controversial Cybertruck. But thanks to documentation included in an update for Tesla's iOS app, as spotted by Electrek, we're getting some glimpses into some of the first accessories Tesla may sell to accompany the oddly-shaped EV pickup. Case in point, the leak includes […]

Elon Musk Throws Epic Tantrum On Stage

Another week, and another Elon Musk breakdown. On stage at the New York Times DealBook Summit, the mercurial CEO addressed his antisemitic beliefs, and the flood of criticism he has since received after calling a truly unhinged conspiracy theory "the actual truth." His hurtful comments sent even more advertisers fleeing his social media platform X, […]

OpenAI Refuses to Comment on Secretive Q* AI

Chaos erupted following the abrupt dismissal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman earlier this month. And even weeks later, the dust is only beginning to settle. One of the most tantalizing aspects to the story was news that the company was secretly working on a next-generation AI model dubbed Q*, pronounced Q star, which allegedly has […]

Benzinga Retracts “Interview” With Rapper That Was Allegedly AI-Generated

Earlier this month, business publication Benzinga sat down with rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Gilbert Anthony "Berner" Milam, Jr. Benzinga contributor David Daxsen allowed Milam Jr. to elaborate on growing concerns over lawsuits that were filed against his cannabis company Cookies. In April, the entrepreneur was accused of using strongarming and bullying tactics to run the […]

Elon Musk Unveils Plans for Next Version of Starship

Version 2 Earlier this month, SpaceX launched its second orbital attempt of its massive Starship rocket. And while the massive rocket and its accompanying Super Heavy booster managed to reach a new record height of 90 miles, the rocket's self-destruct system was likely triggered once again, leading to a "rapid unscheduled disassembly," the company's tongue-in-cheek terminology […]

This Multi-Purpose Moon Habitat Looks Cool as Hell

Moon Digs The Italian Space Agency (ASI) has teamed up with French space startup Thales Alenia Space to come up with a multi-purpose habitat that could serve as the first-ever permanent human outpost on the surface of the Moon. It's especially relevant these days considering NASA is planning to get boots on the ground as […]