Victor Tangermann

Victor Tangermann

NASA Launching Artificial Star Into Space

Simulated Star NASA is planning to launch an unusual payload that's roughly the size of a toaster and outfitted with eight lasers into space. It's job is to imitate stars and other celestial objects like supernovas by beaming light back to the surface. The false star is part of the space agency's $19.5 million mission […]

Prices for Used EVs Are Cratering

  Prices for used electric vehicles are falling off a cliff, dipping well below those of their gas-guzzling counterparts. As CNBC reports, a flood of cheap new EVs is gutting the demand for much more expensive "premium" offerings. According to the latest data from car search engine iSeeCars, prices of used EVs have dropped below […]

This New AI That Generates Video Is Awfully Impressive

New York City-based AI startup Runway has released its latest AI video generator called Gen-3 Alpha — and judging by sample clips the company has shared so far, it's seriously impressive. From an astronaut running through an alley in Rio de Janeiro, to a believable, suburban neighborhood that was flooded by water and surrounded by […]