Tom Sykes

Tom Sykes

How Did 21 News Stories About Prince William and Rose Hanbury Get Killed?

Stephen Pond/Getty ImagesAt least 21 stories hinting at an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury have been deleted from U.K. media outlets, a new investigation has found.An extensive report by Vulture’s Ellie Hall, which revealed the shocking information cull, has triggered a new round of speculation that the British royal family are acting in cahoots with British newspapers to crush unflattering reporting about baseless rumors of a liaison between the couple.Hall argues that the “mysterious individuals” responsible for the attempted clean-up have made a poor fist of their work, saying: “Broken links to these vanished stories still exist in each publication’s royal coverage from this timeframe and, in many cases, on these outlets’ official social-media accounts.” Hall reached out to all the newspapers concerned for comment, and only one returned her request—the Guardian, who said they had decided to alter a story themselves.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Princess Anne Still Has No Memory of Accident, Friend Says

Aaron Chown/ReutersPrincess Anne still has no memory of the incident which led her to be hospitalized, a friend in her local equestrian set has told The Daily Beast.The source added that her family, while “deeply shaken,” support her planned return to public duties next week.The friend added that “nobody would bother” trying to urge Anne—who suffered amnesia and concussion after being either kicked or butted in the head—to slow down when it comes to her hectic work schedule.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Prince Harry Award Shows His ‘Desperate Need for Attention’: Royal Sources

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyFriends of the British royals and military sources have described Prince Harry’s decision to accept a “retail” award at a glitzy ceremony as “a clear symbol of his desperate need for attention,” “pathetic,” and “sad.”One friend of the royal family told The Daily Beast: “I’m afraid it’s just a clear symbol of his desperate need for attention. The irony of the whole of the last four years is that Harry and Meghan said they were leaving the royal family so the media would leave them alone. And now, here Harry is, literally picking up retail awards on live TV. It’s pathetic.”The harsh comments came after a source in Harry’s camp reportedly said that a backlash to Harry being awarded the Pat Tillman award, spearheaded by the mother of the late NFL star-turned war hero, had left Harry upset.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Prince William Channels Inner Soccer Fan as England Win Euros Match

Jean Catuffe/Getty ImagesFan worshipPrince William didn't just watch Saturday night’s big England v Switzerland soccer game; he was on the edge of (and out of) his seat as he lived every nail-biting moment of it.Cheering, grimacing, and punching the air with joy, he experienced the highs and lows like any other fan as he watched England clinch victory via a penalty shoot-out against Switzerland at the European Championships in Germany.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Kate Middleton Would ‘Dearly Love’ to Be at Wimbledon, Friend Says

Tim Clayton/Getty ImagesThe Wimbledon tennis tournament, with lush green lawns, crisp white attire and rosy red strawberries, is synonymous with the British summer.And while it is, of course, the tennis that lies at its heart, the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club has, for many years, masterfully leveraged its association with the British royal family to give the tournament global appeal and success.And nobody has been more important in transforming Wimbledon’s image from slightly fusty sporting ritual to chic, aspirational and socially fabulous event than its current patron, Catherine, the Princess of Wales.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Prince William Zooms Round Windsor Castle on an Electric Scooter

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyHow do you get around the house when it’s literally millions of square feet big?Prince William has the answer; he has been filmed speeding through the hallowed grounds of Windsor Castle on an electric scooter.The footage was apparently filmed by a member of the public and uploaded to tik-tok and has now been reproduced on other social media.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Who’s on King Charles’ Balmoral Invite List This Summer—and Who Isn’t

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty ImagesBalmoral Castle, nestled in the Scottish Highlands, is one of the British royal family’s most beloved retreats.Since the time of Queen Victoria, who famously lived there for the final decades of her life while she grieved her beloved Albert, it has echoed—during summer at least—to the sound of the extended royal family gathering for their vacay.This summer, however, a very different noise will emanate from its hallowed halls: the oohs and aahs of the—shudder!—common man as, for the first time ever, guided tours for the great unwashed are taking place within the castle.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Daughter, Zara Tindall, ‘Shaken to the Core’ by Princess Anne’s Amnesia

Max Mumby/IndigoZara Tindall has been left “shaken to the core” by her mother Princess Anne’s mystery encounter with a horse which left her with a brain injury that has resulted in amnesia, according to a report.OK! Magazine says that Zara, 43, has been left freaked out by the incident which saw Anne, 73, also known as The Princess Royal, struck by a horse while she was out walking, alone, on Sunday, June 23, at her home, Gatcombe Park, in the Cotswolds.She was treated at the scene and then hospitalized for five days with severe concussion and has no idea what happened, but her doctors believe she was either kicked or headbutted.Read more at The Daily Beast.

Meghan Markle Has Wrapped Filming on Her New Show. She Needs a Hit

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastMeghan Markle needs a hit.If she is lucky, she may have one soon. She has finished filming her new cookery and home show, The Daily Beast understands, meaning her as yet untitled new project could soon be appearing on Netflix.A Hollywood source told The Daily Beast: “It all went well and it is in the can.”Read more at The Daily Beast.

‘Morning Joe’ in Full Meltdown: ‘Biden Cannot Beat Trump’

X, Morning Joe, MSNBCMorning Joe on MSNBC was in meltdown Friday with a host of guests declaring President Joe Biden should step down from the race, and a clearly emotional Mika Brzezinski—who said she had known the president for 50 years—struggling to accept what had transpired on the debate stage Joe Scarborough himself hinted that it might be time for Democrats to tell Biden it was “over” after a disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump.Invoking the spirit of Barry Goldwater, the Republican who played a pivotal role in persuading Richard Nixon to resign after Watergate, Scarborough said: “Where is the Barry Goldwater? To walk over and tell Richard Nixon it was over… now the question is, do Democrats need to do the same thing of Joe Biden?”Read more at The Daily Beast.