Ryan McCaffrey

Ryan McCaffrey

Once Human Preview: Hands On With Steam’s 11th Most-Wanted Game

Once Human is currently Steam’s 11th most-wishlisted game – a multiplayer open-world survival game in which players can battle creatures or each other, build and defend shared territories, indulge in OTT combat or just chill with friends at their base. Ahead of its final closed beta test (which starts April 3) and planned Q3 launch, the development team at Starry Studio gave me a private glimpse at what’s to come.

Our 16 Favorite Games from PAX East 2024

PAX East is always a treat. A smaller, more intimate show than PAX West, PAX East is a good way to take the industry’s temperature and see a ton of exciting new games from both major publishers and small indies that are doing exciting new work you may not have heard of before. I spent four days at PAX East this year, seeing a ton of cool games both on the show floor and behind closed doors. Some I unfortunately can’t talk about, but let me be clear: I saw a lot of cool stuff. This roundup will cover the best of the best.

Outward 2 Preview: The Survival RPG That Hits Hard

Outward 2 picks up 50 years after the events of the first open-world survival RPG, where you again play a nobody of an adventurer – just a regular ol’ human against a world rife with danger. We went hands-on with a PC demo, and it felt like a hyper-polished slice of gameplay – but a rather thin one. It evinced no details of Outward 2’s story or scale, but we sure felt the series’ famously difficult combat. It left us ultimately unsatisfied, desperately wishing to learn and experience more.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Impressions: Didn’t Play the First One? No Problem, You’ll Love it Anyway

Dragon’s Dogma 2 really clicked with me because you need to constantly be on your toes. There are moments of downtime when you can just enjoy the vista or pose with a random Ogre you’ve defeated. But more often than not I was organically finding combat encounters and secrets that I wanted to investigate more. And that amazing loop was consistent as I made my journey back.

Greco-Roman-Inspired Sci-Fi Metroidvania ‘Somber Echoes’ Revealed

Somber Echoes is a sci-fi Metroidvania that developer Rock Pocket Games, Lav Games, and publisher Bonus Stage call a "love letter" to the genre. It's set aboard the Greco-Roman spaceship called Atromitos, where "infested horrors from another dimension" now run rampant. It features seven visually distinct districts and is powered by Unreal Engine 5. It's due out on PC this Fall.

Lightyear Frontier: The Final Preview

We had a great time with our last extended hands-on session with Lightyear Frontier, the cozy farming game that happens to put you in control of a giant mech, ahead of its March 19 release on PC and Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass on day one). Written by Jon Bolding.