Maggie Harrison

Maggie Harrison

Losing Human Users, Facebook Releasing Chatbots for Lonely to Talk To

Lonely Island Meta-formerly-Facebook, the Mark Zuckerberg-helmed social media company that continues to shout from the rooftops that its platforms are designed to "help people connect" and "bring people closer together," is marching forward with its solution for reviving declining user numbers: introducing an array of AI-powered chatbots to its services. According to new reporting from […]

NYPD Deploys Villainous-Looking Dalek in Subway System

Doctor Adams Watch out, New Yorkers — the NYPD's new surveillance bot has officially arrived at a subway platform near you. On Friday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams finally deployed "K5," the NYPD's latest foray into robot-assisted surveillance technology, at the highly-trafficked 42nd Street subway station in Times Square, The New York Times reported […]

Experts Say NASA’s Mars Sample Return Plan Is Deeply Flawed

Total Mess Houston, we have... so many problems. As Space News reports, NASA has delayed its Mars Sample Return (MSR) effort after an independent review board found several serious issues regarding the mission's timetable, price tag, and technical plans. The return mission, initially slated for 2026, has always been incredibly ambitious. Still, it's remained highly […]