Maggie Harrison

Maggie Harrison

Inspired by Twitter’s Struggles, Facebook Considers Making an App Where You Can Post Text. Wait a Second…

BREAD AND BUTTER In the wake of Twitter's chaotic exchange of power, a number of social media platforms have thrown their hat in the succession ring. And among them, curiously, is, uh — checks notes — Facebook? In a team meeting last month, members of the struggling Facebook-turned-Meta organization brainstormed ways to replace Twitter on […]

Furious Geese Are Defeating Humans, Scientists Find

Do not fight geese. You will lose, the goose will win. It's science. Yes, we're serious. New research from scientists at the University of Illinois shows that standard goose harassment tactics are horribly ineffective at shooing — and keeping — away the notoriously human-hating birds, even if the harassment causes them to flee momentarily. To […]
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