The Getup: A Sunday Coffee Athleisure Outfit

Gear up for those laid-back Sundays with a setup that’s all about cool comfort without compromising on style. Perfect for that morning coffee run or a casual day out, this selection is your ticket to nailing that off-duty look with zero effort.

Layer up with a olive-grey crew neck for that laid-back, easy-going vibe. Step out in classic white and beige New Balance sneakers that can keep up whether you’re on the move or kicking back. And for those essentials? Toss them into a sturdy cream tote. Top it all off with a plain black cap that shouts style instead of a sports team to keep it casual from head to toe. This Getup’s rounded out with a slick gold watch that adds just the right amount of bling. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or just chilling, this is how you do Sunday casual right.

Aesthetic: Streetwear

Outfit Occasion Suitability

This outfit’s balanced blend of comfort and style is ideal for a variety of casual settings, from weekend mornings as mentioned, to hikes or workouts where looking intentional, such as a date or work retreat, is desirable. For guys who prioritize comfort, this could also be an easy travel outfit.

Seasonal Revisions

In cooler weather, layer with a navy bomber jacket and swap the cap for a beanie. For warmer seasons, replace the sweatshirt with a light, cotton tee of the same color or switch to workout shorts.

Dress Code Adaptations

Dress Codes, Explained

You can easily use this casual outfit as a base and enhance its dressiness level. The easiest being swapping the workout pants for black or charcoal jeans. From there, you can swap the sweatshirt for a similarly neutral-toned shawl collar cardigan or crew neck sweater. Continue increasing dress level by adding a plain button up shirt and opting for boots or loafers.

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