The Best Gifts for Taurus, the Zodiac’s Resident Epicurean

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Uncork the bubbly and draw an excessively sudsy bath, because we’ve officially made it to Taurus season. This year, the zodiac’s most indulgent earth sign will reign from April 19 to May 20, and remind us all to celebrate life’s creature comforts by sleeping in, eating out, and finally smashing the order button on a luxurious linen duvet cover.

If there’s a Taurus or two in your life, congratulations. Not only do you have a stalwart friend and epicurean by your side, but you have the very sick task of finding the perfect birthday present for one of the most gift-able zodiac signs. Sure, Taurus has earned the reputation of being a human Snorlax, which is totally fair, but there’s an intensity and drive behind the impeccable taste of this sign, repped by the bull, that also makes them a ride-or-die partner. In the words of our favorite Taurus diva, Cher, “I’m very chill, I’m really sweet, and if you fuck with me, I’ll mop the floor with you.”

If you’re drawing birthday gift blanks, we suggest gifting your Taurus something sparkly, but fierce (tell them it’s a metaphor). Cook for your bull. Rub their feet. Wrap them up in a faux chinchilla fur blanket, and garnish their Bloody Mary with a piece of bacon and a big kiss on the forehead. And if that’s not enough—your Taurus deserves the world, after all—gift them any number of the Taurus-worthy gifts we’ve curated below. From pasta-themed tarot decks to cult-fave relaxation gadgets, the following presents will sweep them off their hooves and keep them satisfied. Well, at least until next year rolls around.

When in Doubt, Bling Them Out

Zodiac Pendant

Catbird is one of our favorite places to buy cool, non-corny jewelry for all occasions, and it’s home to a timeless 14k yellow gold pendant that will blend in perfectly with the rest of our Taurus’ tiny gold necklaces.

Aimber 18K Plated Gold Astrology Necklace

If you’re shopping on a budget, Amazon has an equally epic Gothic nameplate necklace that has earned a 4.7-star average rating from over 1,200 reviews, including one fan who writes, “I bartended at a pool club for six months on a lake and wore this every day. It has been covered in sweat, alcohol, pool, water, lake water, ocean water, and I don’t even know what else and still looks BRAND NEW.”

Bring the spa to them

Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat

Every Taurus’ search history contains: TikTok-viral relaxation gadgets, detailed Yelp brunch spot reviews, and Miaou’s Adam Sandler-nostalgic basketball shorts. Treat your Taurus to one of those Shiatsu-style massagers that have the internet in a chokehold right now, and you’ll be giving them the gift of eight deep-kneading, heated robot hands that never quit.

30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower

Give your beloved bull the gift of sipping and splashing responsibly with this trusty wine glass holder. Designed to be suctioned onto the wall of a shower or bath, this cup holder is there to always keep your Taurus’ special juice—be it Carlo Rossi, Whispering Angel, or Celsius—within arm’s reach.

Upgrade Their Cooking Lineup

Flamingo Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taurus appreciates the time and care that goes into a home-cooked meal. That’s why they’ll savor a really, really nice bottle of EVOO such as this from Flamingo Estate, the organic lifestyle brand that offers everything from heirloom tomato candles to Art Nouveau bon bons. Naturally, the brand’s olive oil is also extra—not just in the virginal sense, but because it’s made with hand-harvested olives from trees that are over 100 years old.

Quince Essential Japanese Damascus Steel Chef’s Knife

This eight-inch Japanese-style chef’s knife from Quince is equal parts sexy and practical, just like your Taurus. As Quince explains, the knife is “meticulously handcrafted through around 40 steps” (Virgo-level perfectionist behavior), making it an ultra-durable, versatile blade for dicing everything from meats to veggies and beyond.

Indulge Their Esoteric Side

The Pasta Tarot Deck

We suggest giving your Twoo woo Taurus a tarot deck that combines two of their greatest joys: fortune telling and Bucatini. The Pasta Tarot is a certified banger with a 4.7-star average rating on Amazon, boasting bold, intricate graphics on 78 cards. Who knew Fusilli could predict so much about your love life?

Heart Shaped Carnelian Red Agate Crystal Healing Stone

The thing about all esoteric and astrology-loving people, Taurus or not, is that they fucking love rocks. Can’t get enough of them. And, honestly, we get it; they’re cool to look at and cool to hold, which is why we found this heart-shaped Carnelian crystal that (according to the crystal blogosphere) is supposed to boost confidence and drive.

Now give yourself a pat on the back, and get some much-deserved R&R. You’re going to need it come Gemini season.


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