Shop Titans Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary with a Myriad of New Content

The free-to-play tycoon simulator/adventure RPG Shop Titans is celebrating its fifth anniversary with gifts to players. The game just launched a big new update that’s available now — players can earn several rewards by logging in during the anniversary event, and there will be giveaways and sales too.

Since its launch in 2019, Shop Titans has attracted players with its cozy, relaxing gameplay, charming aesthetic, and endless options for creating and customizing their perfect shop. Available on both PC and mobile devices, the game lets you step into the life of a new shopkeeper. Set in a fantasy world filled with character-driven banter between its Champions and city Workers, you can become a fantasy shop tycoon by crafting epic weapons, managing a store to success, building a team of adventurers to quest for loot, and selling items for huge profits.

Customers will consistently come by your shop, but won’t know what you have to offer if it’s not on display. So you need to create weapon racks, armor mannequins, and the like to show off your crafted gear. Customers will buy items off the rack, giving you money that you can use to improve your shop. You can expand your space, add decorations, or hire more craftspeople to give you access to new types of items.

As you craft more of each item, you’ll unlock blueprints for higher level items that will make you more money. Some of them will require materials you don’t have on hand, so you’ll need to hire Heroes to go out and gather the materials for you. That’s where the RPG elements come in. After you hire Heroes, you’ll equip them before sending them on quests to gather the materials you need. Once their quest is over, they’ll return with the materials you requested in addition to treasure chests with even more loot.

All of these different systems also have their own levels. As you craft items to sell, the craftspeople will level up. As you sell items, your merchant level will grow. As you send heroes out into the field, their levels will increase. They’ll learn new skills and be able to tackle more difficult quests, spurring constant growth.

The new Fifth Anniversary update extends that growth even more, adding several new blueprints, merchant level loops, shop expansion options, and more. Players can look forward to the update’s biggest addition — a new type of very rare blueprint called artifacts that come in three minor or major levels.

The six new artifacts are each a different type of equipment — there’s a katana, suit of armor, amulet, cowl, spellbook, and pickaxe. They are difficult to acquire and craft, but they’re much stronger than other blueprints of the same tier and give special bonuses that can’t be achieved any other way.

Those bonuses can make certain artifacts especially useful to specific classes. For instance, the new artifact katana gives a 200% boost to critical damage but limits critical chance to 20%. However, the Samurai automatically gets a critical hit in the first round. So that attack gets the benefit of the damage boost without the drawback of lower chance. Similarly, the amulet gives a boost to evasion and skill HP bonus, but it seals that character’s weapon and makes it useless. Well, that drawback doesn’t affect fist fighters.

The artifacts aren’t the only new addition. There are now looping merchant levels that allow you to progress past level 100. Once you pass level 100, you’ll get a new level banner and loop back to level 1. You can level up to 100 again, and you can do this up to five times for a total level of 500. You’ll still get gems every time you level up, and each time you enter a new loop, you’ll get added bonuses with every level of that loop.

Then there are new options for shop customization. You’ve always been able to expand your shop with new sections in a 3×3 grid, but now you can transform any of those sections into yard space. That means you can place outdoor decorations in those spaces, giving you lots of new ways to get creative with the look and layout of your shop.

There’s still more coming, too. There will be a daily giveaway exclusively on the Webstore starting June 14, where players can claim a free item every day. The giveaway item changes every 24 hours, so if you want to get everything, make sure to log in each day. There will also be a big sale from June 14–17, where players can get all kinds of discounts, as well as a new item called the Seed of Merit, which can increase a Hero or Champion’s level past the level cap, available exclusively during the anniversary sale.

In addition, players can expect an in-game anniversary login calendar that will give free rewards, and two additional new artifacts will be revealed during the anniversary event as well. In short, now’s the time to jump into Shop Titans and take advantage of all these exciting opportunities. Players rave about the game on Steam, IOS, Google Play, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store, so download the game for free and start your shopkeeping journey.

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