Palworld is getting a frog with a stick (and 3 other new Pals)

Spring has sprung and that means new creatures coming to the chaotic, monster-filled lands of Palworld. Developer Pocketpair revealed four new Pals heading to the hit survival monster-catching game on Monday. The brief trailer showed four new Pals that will join the growing roster of creatures in the game. Pocketpair did not share a release date for the new Pals.

There are four new creatures in total: a frog, an ostrich, an anthropomorphized dog-type thing, and a goofy looking mushroom with a face. Each one is special in its own way and fall in-line with other Pals in the game has so far. The design of the mushroom-thing and its face reminds me of the brainless look of the beloved Pal, Relaxaurus. However, after seeing the trailer, I think I just want to run around alongside the frog with a stick.

The developers have been adding new content to the game since its release last January. In March, the team added its first raid battle and a new Pal called Bellanoir. Pocketpair shared a brief look at a new PvP mode coming to the game in April and it planned to be released later this year. Now this announcement said team has plans to release “many more new Pals in future updates,” on X via the official account.

This post was originally published on Polygon

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