Our Favourite Power Bank for Steam Deck Gets Another Massive Discount In The UK

The perfect power bank to use with your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch is back on sale in the UK right now. We are, of course, talking about the INIU 140W 27000mAh Fast Charging Portable Charger, available on Amazon for just £37.98 right now (see here). Ensure you use the listed voucher (35% off) and promo code C2SKMMYJ to get the full discount. The last time we saw a discount like this, it sold out before the end of the day, so act fast!

This incredibly affordable INIU power bank is ideal for portable gaming systems like the Steam Deck or the Switch. It boasts super-fast charging capabilities, a robust battery capacity, and a sleek design. It’s our favourite pick for portable gaming, and well worth it at such a discounted price.

INIU Power Bank, 27000mAh 140W Portable Charger

INIU Power Bank, 27000mAh 140W Portable Charger

Use listed 35% voucher and redeem promo code to secure the discount.

Taking your Steam Deck or Switch on the go is undeniably convenient. We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling—you leave the house in a rush, grabbing your phone or Nintendo Switch on the way out, only to find it lifeless when you try to power it up. If only we had remembered to bring a power bank.

You’ll need a top cable that’s a bit longer to go with your new portable charger, so consider grabbing a 2M, 100w USB-C cable 2 pack from UGREEN for £5.94 (it usually goes for £10 so that’s a serious saving as well). If you don’t need as much wattage, consider the Anker 310 60W USB C Cable, available on Amazon for just £2.50. However, if you’re purchasing power solutions for your Steam Deck, remember it requires at least 40W to charge properly—don’t say we didn’t warn you!

These power banks are lifesavers, so grab one and never be caught with a dead phone or gaming system again. Plus, with games like God of War: Ragnarok coming to Steam soon, there are going to be some graphically intensive games to check out which will zap your power fast–best come prepared. For more gaming and everyday deals, follow @IGNUKDeals on Twitter/X.

Can I Take a Power Bank on an Airplane?

You are permitted to bring a power bank on the plane, but there are specific regulations you must follow. Each power bank must have a maximum capacity of no more than 100 Wh or 27,000 mAh. Additionally, each passenger is allowed to carry up to two power banks, each adhering to the 100 Wh limit. You must also carry your power bank in your hand luggage. But, it’s also worth bearing in mind that each airline or country could have different regulations that you will have to adhere to, so it’s always worth double checking before you arrive to the airport.

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