Nancy Mace Fears Biden May Load Up on ‘Vitamins’ for Debate


Donald Trump’s GOP allies have gone from claiming President Joe Biden will be “jacked up” on stimulants or “performance enhancing drugs” at Thursday night’s debate to suggesting “vitamins” may give the man they say is otherwise senile an unfair advantage.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) introduced the latest MAGA world bogeyman in an interview on Newsmax on Thursday morning, just hours before Trump and Biden are due to face off at the first presidential debate.

Asked “what version of Joe Biden” she expects to see on the debate stage, Mace said it’s a question of “How much Adderall are they gonna give him? How many vitamins is he going to be on?”

“How long was his nap today? You know, I’m joking but I’m being serious. Is he going to scream into the microphone this time like he did at the State of the Union address? Which was just absurd and out of control,” she said.

Biden’s performance will depend on “how effective whatever meds they use to medicate him on the stage to keep him awake” are, she claimed, repeating what has become a steady mantra among Republicans as the debate draws closer. Trump himself has repeatedly fantasized about Biden taking drugs to stay sharp, even claiming earlier this week that doctors would be giving the president a “shot in the ass” just before the debate starts.

That narrative has grown louder after Trump and his allies spent weeks describing Biden as a decrepit old man incapable of stringing a sentence together, a depiction that could backfire on Trump if he ends up getting outmaneuvered on stage.

MAGA Republicans have thus far presented a dizzying array of explanations for Biden’s performance, if it should go well, from medical “experiments” with secret cocktails of drugs to steroids or Adderall or maybe just a lot of Mountain Dew.

This post was originally published on Daily Beast

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