Letter: Arab world won’t easily forget US Gaza doubletalk


As far as I am aware, your correspondent Raya Jalabi’s article “Arab world directs anger at west over Gaza” (Report, March 8) is the first time the FT has given coverage to this massively important yet underestimated subject, the consequences of which will be with us for decades to come.

Why has it taken five months when this trajectory of negative emotion towards the west was clear within the first few weeks?

Friends of mine in Syria with highly intelligent, talented 18-year-olds who had been planning to study in the US or the UK for their degrees withdrew their applications in mid-October, unable to stomach the thought of living in a country with such clear double standards on human rights.

Whatever American President Joe Biden, the EU and UK leaders do now — with their sudden talk of building ports to get aid into Gaza — it’s 30,000 lives too late. As is your article.

Diana Darke
Hythe, Kent, UK

This post was originally published on Financial Times

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