Kevin Durant has perfect clapback for fans angry with him over their gambling losses

Kevin Durant is the most delightfully online superstar the NBA has to offer, long ago giving up his alleged Twitter burner accounts and now equally likely to send hilariously savage clapbacks at fans or jump into offseason Warriors fan Twitter spaces to defend his basketball legacy from internet teenagers, all from his own profile.

Monday offered the latest instance of Durant’s characteristically dry wit, with the Phoenix Suns superstar offering an important critique: If fans are going to get mad at him when their over-unders on his points don’t hit, why are they so quiet when he helps them win their parlays?

It’s a good point (if you ignore that it would probably be wildly illegal under the NBA’s gambling policies and/or possibly the actual law for Durant to get a kickback fans who won money on a prop bet featuring him). Fans can get really loud in athletes’ mentions and/or DMs when their bets don’t hit, but few thank them with the same level of enthusiasm when they actually win money, often happy to just take the credit for their “smart picks.”

Durant doesn’t have to go very far to talk to someone with experience on this problem can get worse than a few mean DMs to send a sardonic tweet about, either. His new teammate, Bradley Beal, had to get police involved when a fan allegedly confronted him about $1,300 in gambling losses at a game.

Note to Weirdos: Sending these guys mean Instagram DMs about your bad gambling calls is pretty lame already, but confronting them in person? As if they’re supposed to care that you were dumb enough to bet that much money on late-season Wizards Bradley Beal? That’s straight-up stupid behavior.

Anyway, in that spirit, I think KD raises an interesting point: We should all thank these guys more when our prop bets hit. So I’d like to take this time to thank him in advance for when the Suns hit their under on wins. It’s much appreciated, buddy.

This post was originally published on SBNation

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