• Johnny Depp revealed he beat Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, and Michael Jackson out for the titular role in “Edward Scissorhands.”
  • The revelation comes from an untitled Tim Burton docuseries that world premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Depp’s casting led to a decades-long collaboration with Burton on multiple iconic films.

Johnny Depp had some stiff competition to land his now-iconic role in Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands.”

In an untitled docuseries on Burton that world premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Depp, 61, said that Tom Hanks and Michael Jackson were among the stars who contacted Burton to be considered for the title role in the 1990 hit gothic tale about an unfinished artificial teen who has scissor blades for hands.

Depp said in the docuseries even Tom Cruise “was not far away from actually playing Edward Scissorhands — true story,” according to People.

At the time Burton — who was coming off hits “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and “Beetlejuice” — was casting the role, Depp was a teen idol known for his work on the TV show “21 Jump Street.” At the time, he thought his chances of landing the role were slim.


Johnny Depp in a jacket

Johnny Depp in 1989.

Barry King/WireImage/Getty

“He’s never going to cast me when everyone in Hollywood is after the part,” Depp recalled in the docuseries.

“Tim’s really juggling because he’s getting hit by his agent, the studio, everybody,” Depp continued. “So I called my agent after reading the script and said, ‘Please cancel the meeting, I’m not going.’ She said, ‘Are you fucking nuts?'”

Depp said he “finally gave in” and agreed to meet Burton, and the rest is history: they started a collaboration that continued for decades with films like 1994’s “Ed Wood,” 1999’s “Sleepy Hallow,” the 2005 “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” remake,” and 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland.”