Gisele Bündchen’s Naked Dress Is an Elevated Twist On Daytime Sheer

Gisele Bündchen would like a quick word with whoever claimed sheer fabric is only suited for a night out. Today, the bombshell proved that a see-through dress is appropriate at any hour of the day as she attended an event in her native Brazil.

Bündchen, celebrating the launch of her new cookbook Nourish, turned up in Rio de Janeiro while wearing a demure daytime twist on sheer fashion. Her midi dress, designed with a plunging lingerie-inspired bustier and a below-the-knee midi skirt, was all about the series of lace cut-outs that lined the piece. The detail proved to be a welcomed alternative to the usually more edgy if not exhibitionistic sheer looks we’re used to seeing on the red carpet. Yes, the floral and paisley cut-outs flashed plenty of the model’s skin and even offered a glimpse of her flesh-tone underwear. But they also managed to accomplish the feat of making sheer fabric palatable for an afternoon event. Then again, Brazil isn’t necessarily known for any sort of modest dressing.

The supermodel let her spaghetti strap dress do much of the heavy lifting here. She styled her look with a sculptural statement bangle, extra large gold hoops, and strappy open-toe heels. Per usual, glam arrived in the form of Bündchen’s signature va-va-voom waves and sun-kissed skin.

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Bündchen has been making clothes look good for the better part of four decades now and can pull off just about anything. Her recent outfits, though, have taken a less-is-more approach with everything from Quiet Luxury neutrals to matching monochrome. So, it’s interesting to see her test the limits of one of Hollywood’s riskiest trends, sheer, while also staying true to her recent streak of more minimal, muted fashion.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over recent months, it’s that celebrities will find just about any excuse under the sun—even during the promotion of a cookbook—to slap some sheer fabric on their bodies. The model’s latest dress had plenty of skin-baring action going on. But there was still an air of elegance likely because of the tea-length cut, muted color palette and, well, simply because it’s Gisele Bündchen.

This post was originally published on W Magazine

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