Final Fantasy 14 is getting an official tabletop RPG

The hit massively multiplayer online game Final Fantasy 14 is to be officially adapted into a tabletop role-playing game.

Square Enix said that it would introduce the Final Fantasy 14 TTRPG with a starter set, and it’s already available for pre-order, with release set for May 2024. It costs $59.99.

The set comprises a “beginner-friendly” player book explaining the rules of the game, plus a book for game masters offering tips and advice as well as three premade scenarios that link directly to the storyline of the online game. The Final Fantasy 14 TTRPG is designed for parties of five players, but can work with as few as three.

The starter set, which seems to be aimed at tabletop gaming novices, also comes with four premade character sheets (for warrior, white mage, dragoon, and black mage), a rules summary and strategy guide, 16 custom dice, an encounter map, character tokens, and ability markers.

Image: Square Enix

Square Enix also plans a full standard rulebook and what appears to be a more extensive game master guide with premade scenarios, but these are just listed as “coming soon” on the official site.

Video game adaptations of tabletop games are legion. The reverse are less common, and I can’t think of any notable MMOs that have made the jump before, but it makes a lot of sense. It will be interesting to see how well FF14’s rules and its world of Eorzea translate to a more fluid, player-led setting.

This post was originally published on Polygon

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