Democrats release report on big oil probe


The report, which builds on a House Oversight Committee probe from when Democrats held the majority in that chamber, included documents in which oil industry figures appear to concede the industry’s history of knowingly suppressing the link between fossil fuels and climate change.

The report includes emails referencing a 2015 joint investigation by Inside Climate News and The Los Angeles Times in which they reported that ExxonMobil had deliberately pushed back against climate science.

In a newly uncovered email in the Democrats’ probe, an Exxon media relations manager wrote: “It’s true that Inside Climate News originally accused us of working against the science but ultimately modified their accusation to working against policies meant to stop climate change, such as Kyoto. I’m ok either way since they were both true at one time or another.”

More broadly, the Democrats’ report alleges that companies modified their strategy over the years from outright denial to “deception, disinformation, and doublespeak.”

The report also accuses Exxon, Chevron, Shell, BP, the American Petroleum Institute lobbying group and the Chamber of Commerce of obstructing their investigation. 

Several of the oil companies and entities named in the report pushed back against its characterizations. 

An ExxonMobil spokesperson said the report contained “tired allegations that have already been publicly addressed through previous Congressional hearings on the same topic and litigation in the courts.”

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This post was originally published on The Hill

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