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Camera quality

Camera resolution and field of view are crucial to getting all the detail you need from a security camera. Higher resolutions like 2K and fields of view over 130 degrees are signs of a good home security cam. It’s a bonus if cams can pan and tilt to capture extra areas. This goes hand-in-hand with app quality, which should enable easy, highly detailed live views on demand.

Design quality

We favor cams with a sturdy, compact construction that can be placed or mounted in various positions for quick installation. The design can also add a lot of value to a camera — the ability to turn a spotlight on or sound a siren can be very useful for home security. Likewise, motion-detection features should be customizable, with options like motion zones, privacy zones to cut down on false alerts and motion sensitivity. Basically, you should be able to tweak settings until you get exactly the notifications you need.

Wired vs. wireless

Wired cams don’t need recharging and tend to be a little more affordable, but they’re more limited in regards to placement and take more installation work outdoors. Wireless cams are easier to place and avoid cable complications, but you do have to recharge or replace batteries, usually every several months or so. We largely favor wireless cams when possible, but wired cams can be a useful choice, especially for models like video doorbells that can connect to existing doorbell wiring.


Smart home security cams should offer two-way audio that allows for quick communication via the app. There are no two-way audio features that work with Apple’s HomePod line, but they can work through other apps.

Object recognition

Object recognition is the ability to tell the difference between objects like humans, pets, vehicles and packages, then send you customized alerts or ignore certain objects. It’s a very important feature for modern security cams, but it’s sometimes locked behind subscriptions.

Video storage

Video storage isn’t an absolute requirement, but we highly recommend the ability to save, download and share videos with any cam. Sometimes this feature is locked behind a subscription for cloud storage — like iCloud+ — but in other cases, you have a local storage option with a microSD card or similar setup. Local storage is pricier to set up, but keeps you off the cloud and away from subscription fees if you want to avoid them.

Additional smart home support

While Apple support is guaranteed for our list, you may want cams that have additional smart home support, like working with Alexa or Google Home. If you have an existing security system, watch for a device that can integrate into your existing control panel or apps.

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