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30% off all mattresses and 40% off all bundles

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sonu-hybrid-mattress-2024-side-sleeper-jg-2 sonu-hybrid-mattress-2024-side-sleeper-jg-2

Sonu Sleep

$700 off a mattress + 2 free pillows

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dsc09473 dsc09473


35% off sitewide + free sleep accessories

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CNET staff testing the Layla Hybrid mattress. CNET staff testing the Layla Hybrid mattress.


Save up to $200 on mattresses + 2 free pillows

Fourth of July weekend is almost here, and it’s one of the best holidays for hot deals on mattresses, sleep products and bed accessories. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, now’s a great time to buy, with deals kicking off on all the top beds and accessories.

Our sleep experts at CNET have spent years testing and reviewing mattresses, so we know a solid deal when we see one. We’ve rounded up 25 sizzling mattress deals leading up to Independence Day that will save you a boatload of money and get you better sleep. Many brands are also throwing in free bedding and bundles such as pillows, sheets, bases and foundations when you purchase a new mattress. 

Aly Lopez/CNET/Casper/WinkBeds/Titan/DreamCloud

Best overall Fourth of July mattress deals

  • DreamCloud: Up to 50% off mattresses and bundles
  • Nectar: Up to 40% off mattresses and 50% off bundles
  • Lull: Up to 45% off all mattresses
  • Casper: 30% off all mattresses and 40% off all bundles
  • Nolah: 35% off mattresses, plus two free pillows
  • Leesa: 30% off mattresses, plus a free sleep bundle

Fourth of July mattress deals from top brands

CNET’s sleep experts are here to help you get the best rest possible, and that starts with the right mattress. Here are the best deals on new beds and bedding you can get this Fourth of July.

Dillon Lopez/CNET

Offering up to 50% off mattresses, DreamCloud’s Fourth of July sale deserves 50 stars. You can snag a queen-size DreamCloud Hybrid for $665 or the memory foam model for $765 — low prices rarely seen for premium and comfortable beds like these. Elevate your sleep at half the price with a 13-inch DreamCloud Premier Hybrid for $949 or the 14-inch DreamCloud Premier Rest Hybrid for $1,299.

Typically costing over $4,000, DreamCloud’s best-selling bundle with an adjustable bed frame is available for $1,414. Read more in our DreamCloud mattress review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Save a whopping 40% on a new mattress and 50% on bundles at Nectar — one of the best deals happening this Independence Day. That means you can get Nectar’s queen-size flagship mattress for $649 and its hybrid model for $799.

If you love the cradling feel of dense memory foam, a new mattress from Nectar could be right for you. Be sure to check out Nectar’s bundles, which include a mattress, adjustable bed frame and six-piece bedding set for half off. Learn more about these beds in our Nectar mattress review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Lull crafts premium memory foam mattresses with an accommodating firmness profile and a mixed or neutral foam feel that most people enjoy. This Fourth of July, Lull is offering up to 45% off mattresses, meaning you can get a queen-size Original Lull for $719 (usually $1,119) or the Luxe Hybrid for $1,379 (usually $2,299).

Lull also offers some of the best policies in the mattress game, such as free shipping, a 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty. Learn more about the Lull Original Premium mattress.

The Casper Snow Max Hybrid mattress.”,”credits”:”Jonathan Gomez/CNET”,”imageData”:{“id”:”62d5bd68-05ba-49d2-9a89-0fdf1739e5f2″,”filename”:”casper-snow-max-hybrid-mattress-jg-3.jpg”,”path”:”″,”dateCreated”:{“date”:”2024-03-06 16:07:25.000000″,”timezone”:”UTC”,”timezone_type”:3},”primeColor”:null,”hasWarning”:false},”size”:””,”float”:””,”lightbox”:false,”imageUrl”:”″,”imageCaption”:”

The Casper Snow Max Hybrid mattress.

“,”imageCredit”:”Jonathan Gomez/CNET”,”imageAltText”:”casper-snow-max-hybrid-mattress-jg-3″,”imageFilename”:”casper-snow-max-hybrid-mattress-jg-3.jpg”,”imageWidth”:2048,”imageHeight”:1368,”imageDoNotCrop”:false,”imageDoNotResize”:false,”imageWatermark”:false,”imageDateCreated”:”2024-03-06″,”imageParallax”:””,”imageCrop”:””,”imageEnlarge”:false}” usepricing=”true” ng-block=”{“id”:”chm0m5bxenzbkgc”,”type”:”listicle”}” edition=”us” data-key=”cnetlisticle__06475ba4-fe25-427c-955f-ff152a89c67c” position=”NaN” contenttype=”Deals – Precap” pagelayout=”Deals – Precap” class=”c-shortcodeListicle g-border-thin-light-top g-inner-spacing-bottom-medium g-inner-spacing-left-large g-inner-spacing-right-large g-inner-spacing-bottom-xlarge c-shortcodeListicle-notInfoCard g-outer-spacing-bottom-large g-border-thin-light-bottom g-border-thin-light-right g-border-thin-light-left”>

Jon Gomez/CNET

Casper, one of the original bed-in-a-box companies, is offering 30% off all new mattresses. Typically priced at $1,245 for Casper’s premium foam mattress, you can snag The One for $870. If you’re a hot or heavy sleeper, consider Casper’s Snow Max, its cooling hybrid mattress, currently on sale for $2,620.

Casper bundles are 40% off, and its pillows and bedding are up to 20% off. Learn more about The One in our Casper mattress review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Nolah offers a lineup of accommodating beds with various constructions, firmness and height options. Right now, you can get the Nolah Original 10-inch mattress for $942, the Natural 11-inch for $1,364, the Signature 12-inch for $1,169 and the Evolution 15-inch for $1,624. For heavier individuals and couples, consider Nolah’s Evolution Comfort Plus for enhanced support and durability.

You’ll also receive two complimentary Nolah Fluffy Pillows with your purchase. Read more in our Nolah mattress review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Leesa makes comfortable and accommodating hybrid and memory foam beds for all sleeping positions and body types. Right now, you can save hundreds and get a queen-size Leesa Original mattress for $929. The popular Sapira Hybrid, which typically retails for $1,999, is now $1,399. If you sleep hot, cool down with one of Leesa’s cooling mattresses, such as the Studio Chill, for $839.

With the purchase of a new Leesa mattress, you’ll also receive a free sleep bundle with two pillows and a microfiber sheet set.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Sonu Sleep is changing the game with its unusual design for side sleepers, which features a cut-out “comfort channel” for your shoulders and arms. Whether you want to relieve shoulder pain or comfortably cuddle your partner, this unique bed allows for that. It also comes in various firmness options, from plush to firm.

With the code FREEPILLOWS, you can take home a Sonu mattress for $700 less than its usual price, bringing the cost of a queen down from $3,399 to $2,699. You’ll also receive free pillowcases and sheets with your purchase. Learn more about the Sonu Sleep System in our full review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Big Fig mattresses are specifically designed for bigger bodies. The heavy-duty foam layers and individually wrapped coil system support up to 1,100 pounds without sagging. This Independence Day, Big Fig is taking $500 off its mattresses, meaning a queen is now $1,399 rather than the normal retail price of $1,899.

Built to last, the Big Fig hybrid mattress should support you for up to 20 years. Learn more in our Big Fig mattress review.

A look at the flagship bed from Bear Mattress”,”credits”:”My Slumber Yard”,”imageData”:{“id”:”4c3e937b-8980-4c73-b857-b65771ce772c”,”filename”:”dsc09473.jpg”,”path”:”″,”dateCreated”:{“date”:”2023-10-03 15:27:57.000000″,”timezone”:”UTC”,”timezone_type”:3},”primeColor”:null,”hasWarning”:false},”size”:””,”float”:””,”lightbox”:false,”imageUrl”:”″,”imageCaption”:”

A look at the flagship bed from Bear Mattress

“,”imageCredit”:”My Slumber Yard”,”imageAltText”:”dsc09473″,”imageFilename”:”dsc09473.jpg”,”imageWidth”:5168,”imageHeight”:3448,”imageDoNotCrop”:false,”imageDoNotResize”:false,”imageWatermark”:false,”imageDateCreated”:”2023-10-03″,”imageParallax”:””,”imageCrop”:””,”imageEnlarge”:false}” usepricing=”true” ng-block=”{“id”:”evulo1npvg1bm1i”,”type”:”listicle”}” edition=”us” data-key=”cnetlisticle__db086207-048c-4216-97bb-e57f6d3f054c” position=”NaN” contenttype=”Deals – Precap” pagelayout=”Deals – Precap” class=”c-shortcodeListicle g-border-thin-light-top g-inner-spacing-bottom-medium g-inner-spacing-left-large g-inner-spacing-right-large g-inner-spacing-bottom-xlarge c-shortcodeListicle-notInfoCard g-outer-spacing-bottom-large g-border-thin-light-bottom g-border-thin-light-right g-border-thin-light-left”>

My Slumber Yard

Bear is offering 35% off mattresses with code JULY4TH. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly quality bed, check out the Bear Original, priced at $649. It’s one of the most affordable queen mattresses available online this Fourth of July. For a more luxurious option, check out Bear’s Elite Hybrid, offered at $1,499 rather than $2,305.

With your mattress purchase, you’ll also receive a free $400 Bear Sleep Bundle with two pillows, a sheet set and a mattress protector. Read more in our Bear Original mattress review

Jon Gomez/CNET

Thanks to its high-quality beds at affordable prices, Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses regularly top our best lists at CNET. From now until July 4, Brooklyn Bedding is running a 25% off sitewide sale, meaning the Signature Hybrid mattress is $999. For all you hot sleepers, check out the $1,699 Aurora Luxe, a premium bed with advancing cooling technology.

Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses also come in various firmness options. We recommend taking its mattress quiz to find the perfect fit for your sleeping preferences, then use the promo code JULY25 for 25% off your purchase.

Stearns & Foster

This Fourth of July, Stearns & Foster is offering up to $400 off select mattresses, such as the Lux Estate, Reserve and Lux Hybrid. With a medium firmness profile and multiple pillow top softness options, the Lux Estate is a quality and accommodating mattress that you can now take home for $2,599 rather than $2,999.

Learn about Stearns & Foster’s mattress lineup in our full review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Saatva’s early Fourth of July sale will save you up to $600 on mattresses, depending on the bed you buy (the more you spend, the bigger the discount). Typically retailing for $2,095, you can save $300 and bring home a queen-size luxury innerspring Saatva Classic for $1,795 — plus, get an extra $100 off an adjustable base or foundation.

Saatva crafts some of the highest-end luxury mattresses on the market, which means they’re pricier. If you’ve been eyeing a new Saatva mattress, we recommend taking advantage of this sale. Learn more about the Saatva Classic.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Helix is another high-quality, affordable mattress brand frequently appearing on our best lists. Helix offers three different mattress collections: Core, Luxe and Elite. Right now, you can get 25% off sitewide and 30% off beds in its Luxe and Elite collections. With a nice variety of feels and firmness levels, there’s a Helix bed for all sleepers — and a mattress quiz to help you compare and find the right one.  

The Helix Sunset is now $999 instead of $1,332. The Helix Plus is an excellent option for heavier people, currently selling for $1,124. Use the code JULY30 at checkout for 30% off and get two free Dream Pillows. Learn more about the Helix Plus mattress in our full review.

My Slumber Yard

Birch by Helix is a popular eco-friendly brand that uses natural and certified organic materials in its mattresses. Using code JULY25, you can save 25% and get a queen Birch Natural for $1,405 instead of $1,874 — one of the best deals we’ve seen for this bed. For a more premium and luxurious option, check out the Birch Luxe Natural mattress, on sale for $1,968.

You can also save a few hundred bucks on the Birch Kids Natural, a flippable mattress available in twin and full sizes. With your purchase at Birch, you’ll receive two free Eco-Rest pillows.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Titan offers what heavier sleepers need: a durable and supportive mattress. Using the code JULY25, you can get 25% off and snag a firm queen-size Titan Plus for $937 or the medium to medium-firm Titan Plus Luxe for $1,200.

With contouring steel coils and high-quality foam, these long-lasting beds have impressive edge support and minimal motion transfer. Titan’s adjustable powerbases and frames are also on sale. Learn more about the Titan Plus. Sale ends on July 4.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Looking for a firm bed? Consider Plank. Plank offers firm mattresses that the American Chiropractic Association endorses for alleviating back pain and are ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Taking 25% off during its Fourth of July sale, a queen-size Plank Firm is $999 and the Plank Firm Luxe is $1,149. Use code JULY25 before the sale ends on July 4. Read our full Plank Firm mattress review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Using code JULY25, you can save 25% on a new mattress from Dreamfoam, a brand that offers already budget-friendly beds. The Dreamfoam Doze is the most affordable online bed-in-a-box we’ve ever tested, and right now, it’s $180 for a queen. Rather than $800, the Dreamfoam Hybrid is $599.

You can also save 25% on bedding accessories such as pillows, sheets, blankets, foundations and bases. Learn more about the Dreamfoam Doze.

Jon Gomez/CNET

If you’re a hot sleeper looking for a mattress to help beat the heat this summer, check out Purple. Purple uses a one-of-a-kind GelFlex Grid that keeps its mattresses cool — and more expensive.

This Fourth of July, Purple is offering up to $800 off a mattress and base, depending on your spending. You can save $100 on the Purple mattress and $200 if you pair it with the adjustable base. For the higher-tier beds, such as the Purple Rejuvenate, you can save $500 and get a queen-size for $4,995. Learn more about these beds in our Purple mattress review.

Tuft & Needle

This Fourth of July, Tuft & Needle’s mattresses are 20% off, and select bedding and accessories are 15% off with code MATTRESS15. The medium-firm Essential T&N Original mattress is $716 instead of $895 for a queen. The T&N Mint Hybrid, which has a soft, neutral foam feel, is now $1,116 rather than $1,395.

My Slumber Yard

A little birdie told us that Nest Bedding is offering up to 50% off its eco-friendly and organic mattresses and bedding, such as sheets and duvet sets. You can save a couple hundred bucks on its most popular pillow-top bed, the Sparrow Signature Hybrid, which is now $1,918 and includes a free mattress protector and a lifetime renewal exchange.

The Raven, Nest Bedding’s flippable hybrid bed, is on sale for half off. A queen costs $934, which we think is a great deal considering its high quality, natural materials and two-in-one firmness options.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Avocado is an eco-friendly mattress brand boasting an impressive list of certifications and sustainability initiatives. Depending on the mattress, you can enjoy up to 20% off during its Fourth of July sale. For example, Avocado’s certified organic Green and Vegan mattresses are 15% off, bringing the price for a queen down to $1,699. At 20% off, Avocado’s Luxury Organic mattress is $3,679, down from the usual price of $4,599 for a queen-size.

You can also take 10% off Avocado’s pillows and pillowcases and 50% off its hemp bedding and loungewear. Learn more about the Avocado Green mattress.

Jon Gomez/CNET

If you’re looking for a smart bed, look no further. Sleep Number has marked down select smart beds this Fourth of July, ranging from 10% to 30% off. That means a queen-size Sleep Number Classic smart bed is now $999, and the top-of-the-line Sleep Number Climate360 smart bed is $1,000 off its typical hefty price of $9,999.

Sleep Number’s smart beds have sleep-tracking technology and adjustable settings for firmness, support and temperature. Learn more about the Climate360 in our full review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Amerisleep makes responsive memory foam mattresses that most people enjoy the feel of, even if you aren’t a huge fan of memory foam. Using the code JULY500, you can save $500 on any mattress. The medium-firm AS2, an excellent selection for sleepers with back pain, is $1,049 rather than $1,549. Amerisleep’s bases and bedding are also on sale.

Learn more in our Amerisleep mattress review.

Jon Gomez/CNET

WinkBeds’ Fourth of July Sale means you can get any of its US-handcrafted mattresses for $300 off. Our CNET sleep experts love The WinkBed, a luxurious hybrid mattress with various firmness levels. Right now, a queen is $1,499. The EcoCloud is a great choice for environmentally conscious shoppers looking for an all-natural and organic bed, and it’s currently $1,699.

Jon Gomez/CNET

Layla’s Fourth of July sale includes $200 off hybrid mattresses and $150 off its memory foam beds, plus two free pillows with your purchase. Though it may not seem like much, Layla’s beds are already generally more affordable than comparable brands. The Layla Memory Foam mattress is flippable and offers two firmness options, which you can get for $949.

Layla’s bedding and bundles are also discounted right now. Read more about the flippable Layla mattress.

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