Best DJI Drone Deals: Get an Awesome New Drone at a Discount of Up to $350 – CNET

If you want a first-person experience but for a little less money, you can snag the DJI FPV. This was the company’s original first-person drone, and it offers many of the same features as DJI’s Avata, including immersive goggles for piloting and 4K 60fps video. It’s a little larger and heavier than the Avata, but it’s a solid pick for beginner pilots who want to try out first-person flying.

There aren’t any discounts on the basic kit at the moment, but you can save $134 on this bundle that comes with a hardshell case, a 256GB microSD card and a landing pad. This bundle is currently backordered at B&H right now.

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