Monica Sisavat Solis

Monica Sisavat Solis

Megan Fox Says Her New Poetry Book Is “Something Women Can Relate To”

Megan Fox is putting pen to paper. On Aug. 8, the 37-year-old actor announced on Instagram that she has a book on the way, titled "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous." "i wrote a book 💔," Fox captioned her post. "Pre-order now at the link in my bio. Out November 7th." Fox shared more details about her upcoming project in one of the slides featured in the photo carousel. "These poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence," she began. "I've spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins. My freedom lives in these pages and I hope that my words can inspire others to take back their happiness and their identity by using their voice to illuminate what's been buried, but not forgotten, in the darkness." According to the book's publisher, Simon & Schuster, (yes, the same publisher that worked with Britney Spears on her memoir), "Megan Fox showcases her wicked humor throughout a heartbreaking and dark collection of poetry." The book consists of over 70 poems in which "Fox chronicles all the ways in which we fit ourselves into the shape of the ones we love, even if it means losing ourselves in the process." "'Pretty Boys Are Poisonous' marks the powerful debut from one of the most well-known women of our time," Simon & Schuster stated in a press release. "Turn the page, bite the apple, and sink your teeth into the most deliciously compelling and addictive books you'll read all year." Related: 15 Significant Milestones in Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Whirlwind Romance Megan Fox's "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous" Release Date Fox's poetry book hits bookshelves on Nov. 7. You can preorder your copy now. Megan Fox's "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous" Inspiration Speaking to People in November, Fox said her book "comes from a lot of places." She explained, "Some of it is literal, while other parts are allegorical. Some poems contain a Grimm's-fairy-tale-type element, and others serve the same purpose as memes in online culture." "All of it," she added, "is something women can relate to." Fox told the publication that she opted to write about her "whole life" because "acting doesn't really allow me to express myself fully in the way writing does." She noted, "Poetry gives me a space to experience some catharsis through art." One of the themes explored in the book is toxic dynamics, because, as Fox puts it, "relationships are complicated." "For most of us, it's not a fairy tale. Relationships are not pretty. They are ugly. Sometimes they are a war," she said. "But through a wound enters an opportunity to grow and become a stronger more whole version of yourself." Megan Fox's "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous" Cover Image Source: Simon & Schuster

Are the Stars of “Selling Sunset” Real Agents? Here’s What the Cast Had to Say

"Selling Sunset" is officially back for season seven. However, the cast is looking a little different this season. Chrishell Stause, Bre Tiesi, Mary Fitzgerald, Emma Hernan, Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz, Chelsea Lazkani, and Jason and Brett Oppenheim are all returning. Longtime cast member Heather Rae El Moussa is also featured in the new episodes, but it's unclear how much. And in case you still had doubts, yes, the cast are, in fact, licensed real estate agents. After Chrissy Teigen questioned the validity of the show's cast in a series of tweets back in 2020, The Oppenheim Group agents - including Jason, Stause, Fitzgerald, and Rae El Moussa, shut down Teigen's claims. In turn, they also used Teigen's tweets as an opportunity to further promote the show. The tweet in particular that had a lot of people talking was the one where Teigen stated that she has never seen any of the cast and neither has her real estate agent. "I will say, I look at LA real estate a lot and have never seen any of these people lol either have our agents, who I have obsessively asked," Teigen wrote. Jason responded, saying he doesn't know her agent either, writing, "Chrissy, thanks for watching our show! Regarding your agent's knowledge of members of my team, I respectfully don't know him either although that doesn't mean he isn't successful and didn't just sell you a stunning home in Weho (seriously, I love your new house)." In a separate interview with E! News, Maya Vander brushed off the claims, adding, "I'm definitely not offended. And I'm actually excited she watched the show again. Any publicity is good publicity." On The Oppenheim Group website (which is a legit real estate brokerage, by the way), all the cast members are listed as real estate agents, with Oppenheim as the president and owner. Oh, and in case you haven't heard yet, Brett Oppenheim has since left to start his own brokerage, so that's why he's not listed on the site anymore. Keep reading to see how the rest of the cast, including producer Adam DiVello, responded to Teigen's statements. Related: Everything We Know About Chelsea Lazkani's Husband, Jeff

Here’s What Led to Kim Kardashian’s Divorce From Kanye West

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West after six years of marriage on Feb. 19, 2021, and on Nov. 29, 2022, the two reached a settlement. Over the past decade, we've witnessed Kim and West's journey as a couple and parents to their four beautiful children - North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. During the June 3, 2021, episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the 42-year-old reality TV star finally opened up about her split from the 46-year-old rapper. After a confrontation with her family, her sister Khloé Kardashian revealed during a confessional: "Kim has been struggling privately behind camera about her relationship and it's tough because Kim is clearly redirecting so much of her frustration and sadness and anger. And, you know, sometimes you just take things out on something that has nothing to do with what you're going through." In previously unaired footage, Kim cried to her sisters about her marriage. "I honestly can't do this anymore," she said. "Why am I still in this, like, place where I'm stuck for years? Like, he goes and moves to a different state, every year, I have to be together so I can raise the kids, you know? And he's an amazing dad, he's done an amazing job." She then noted that West "deserves someone that can go support his every move, and go follow him all over the place, and move to Wyoming. I can't do that. I feel like a f*cking failure that it's, like, a third f*cking marriage." Kim previously married songwriter Damon Thomas and basketball player Kris Humphries. "Yeah, I feel like a f*cking loser," she said. "But I can't even think about that, like, I want to be happy." Kim further elaborated on the reason behind their split during the season finale of "KUWTK" on June 10, 2021, saying she wasn't fully fulfilled by her marriage. "After turning 40 this year, I realized, 'No, I don't want a husband that lives in a completely different state.' To me, I thought, 'Oh my god, that's when we're getting along the best,' but then that is sad to me and that's not what I want," she told Kris Jenner. "I want someone that we have the same shows in common; I want someone that wants to work out with me . . . it's like the little things is what I don't have." Kim noted that all she wants is to be happy in the end. "I will be happy. I didn't come this far just to come this far and not be happy," she added, referencing a quote she saw on the internet. Kim opened up about their split once again in her cover story for the March 2022 issue of Vogue. "For so long, I did what made other people happy," she explained. "And I think in the last two years I decided, I'm going to make myself happy. And that feels really good. And even if that created changes and caused my divorce, I think it's important to be honest with yourself about what really makes you happy. I've chosen myself. I think it's okay to choose you." She continued: "My 40s are about being Team Me. I'm going to eat well. I'm going to work out. I'm going to have more fun, spend more time with my kids and the people who make me happy. I'm going to put my phone down. Unfollow if I don't want to see something on Instagram. Khloé came up with the best phrase for that yesterday. She said, 'Post and ghost.'" In the June 1, 2023, episode of "The Kardashians" Hulu series, Kim further opened up about her divorce from West while discussing his online attacks against her and her family while talking to her mom Kris Jenner. She said, "I don't want to be a part of this narrative and it's like when is this ever going to end? It never will and I'm stuck with this for the rest of my life." During her confessional, Kim also shared, "I still feel the need to not talk about it and protect it from my kids and I always will feel that way, but God, if people knew. I just would never do that to my kids. It just is really crazy." Going back to her conversation with Jenner, Kim added, "Sometimes I feel like if he were to hit rock bottom, that's his journey that he needs to figure out on his own. I used to run around and call everyone behind his back and be like, 'It's going to be OK. It's going to be OK. Don't worry, just give him another chance.' I used to spend hours and hours and hours of my day as the cleanup crew . . . I just don't have that energy." Kim added in her confessional, "It's the hardest feeling to watch someone you really loved and you have a family with just be so different than who you knew." Kim and West first got together in the spring of 2012 before getting engaged a year later during Kim's 33rd birthday celebration at San Francisco's AT&T Park, now known as Oracle Park. In May 2014, they made things official by tying the knot in an over-the-top wedding in Italy. The pair's split was then "amicable," with Kim asking for joint legal and physical custody of their kids, but things have since turned sour. West is now reportedly married to Bianca Censori, while Kim was most recently linked to Odell Beckham Jr.

Gigi Hadid’s Dating History Includes Musicians, Actors, and a “Bachelorette” Alum

Gigi Hadid has been linked to a handful of stars over the years. Following her split from Zayn Malik - with whom she shares her daughter, Khai - in October 2022, multiple reports confirmed that the 28-year-old model was dating Leonardo DiCaprio after his own breakup with "Daisy Jones & The Six" star Camila Morrone in August 2022. In early 2023, however, news broke that the pair had parted ways, and now it seems Hadid is moving on with Bradley Cooper. Not much is known about their relationship at the moment, but they have been spotted hanging out recently. Before Cooper, though, the supermodel dated a couple of singers and even a "Bachelorette" alum. Ahead, look back at her most publicized romances and find out the latest about her relationship with Cooper.

RBD’s Soy Rebelde Tour Is the Nostalgic Experience We Need

After 15 long years, RBD are officially back! The beloved Mexican pop group - which was born out of the 2005 telenovela "Rebelde" and includes AnahĂ­, Christian ChĂĄvez, Dulce MarĂ­a, Maite Perroni, and Christopher von Uckermann - reunited earlier this year for one final tour, the Soy Rebelde Tour. On Sunday, they descended upon San Francisco's Chase Center, where they were met by thousands of fans dressed in miniskirts, white button-ups, red blazers, and knee-high boots. Although it's been years since RBD's last performance (and Alfonso Herrera is notably sitting out the tour), it was almost like no time had passed as the band transported the crowd back to Elite Way School with an emotional two-hour set of their greatest hits. "Thank you for not forgetting us. Thank you for making dreams come true tonight," AnahĂ­ passionately shouted to the audience in Spanish. "Thank you for keeping us in your hearts all these years," Dulce MarĂ­a joined in. "May today be a wonderful, unique gift outside of everything bad that is happening in the world. Let's enjoy this night like never before. Thank you for being here." RBD kicked off the night with an energetic performance of their hits "Tras de MĂ­," "Un Poco de Tu Amor," "AĂșn Hay Algo," and "Otro DĂ­a Que Va." They also sprinkled in their new song, "Cerquita de Ti," before AnahĂ­, Perroni, and Dulce MarĂ­a took over the stage and launched into a fiery girl-power medley of "AsĂ­ Soy Yo," "Cuando El Amor Se Acaba," and "Fuego." "Believe it or not, we did not think this could be a reality," Perroni told the crowd. "So many things happened for us to to be able to be here on stage together that we are truly grateful for each and every one of you." "Today, in this divided world with so much pain, with so many things that break our hearts every day, I hope that with these two hours, we can forget about everything and embrace our child from 2005." "You believed in us, you believed in the words we told you, and hopefully, we have planted a drop of hope in your hearts," AnahĂ­ added. "Today, in this divided world with so much pain, with so many things that break our hearts every day, I hope that with these two hours, we can forget about everything and embrace our child from 2005." Von Uckermann and ChĂĄvez then rejoined the group on stage and performed "Me Voy," "Dame," "A Tu Lado," and "QuĂ© Hay DetrĂĄs," until it was ChĂĄvez's time to shine. Accompanied by a mariachi, ChĂĄvez delivered a tear-jerking solo performance of the band's bilingual song "Tu Amor," which was arguably one of the most emotional moments of the night. "This is concert number 22 of the tour, and dude, I'm being myself," ChĂĄvez, who came out as gay shortly before the group split in 2009, proudly exclaimed. "Really, it doesn't matter how long you have to wait. Look, I turned 40 and I'm just now making my dream come true. Everything is possible, everything passes. Difficult moments also pass. Surely, we have all gone through moments in which we feel alone, we feel that we are worthless, we feel that we do not contribute anything in the world. Your life is very important and you deserve a lot. If there are people who don't see it, screw them." AnahĂ­ also gave a chilling solo performance of her hit "SĂĄlvame," and the fans' screaming reactions brought her to tears. "Thank you to God for this night. Thank you to God for RBD," AnahĂ­ told the crowd as she dropped to her knees. "Thank you for letting me say goodbye to the one thing I've loved doing the most in my life. I love you!" And of course, RBD saved the best for last, closing out the show with "Nuestro Amor" and an encore of "Rebelde." The entire audience were on their feet as red-and-white tie-shaped confetti poured throughout the stadium - and for a moment, we were all transported back to the 2000s. RBD's next show is in San Diego on Oct. 13, with the tour officially wrapping in Mexico City on Dec. 21. Ahead, check out the setlist and pictures from the Soy Rebelde Tour. Related: Christian ChĂĄvez Gets Real About How Coming Out Impacted His Career and Reuniting With RBD RBD Soy Rebelde Tour Setlist "Tras de MĂ­" "Un Poco de Tu Amor" "Cerquita de Ti" "AĂșn Hay Algo" "Otro DĂ­a Que Va" "AsĂ­ Soy Yo" "Cuando El Amor Se Acaba" "Fuego" "Inalcanzable" "Tenerte y Quererte" "Me Voy" "Dame" "Y No Puedo Olvidarte" "Para Olvidarte de MĂ­" "A Tu Lado" "QuĂ© Hay DetrĂĄs" "Tu Amor" "Celestial" "BĂ©same Sin Miedo" "Ser o Parecer" "Futuro Ex-Novio" "QuĂ© Fue del Amor" "No Pares" "Este CorazĂłn" "S.H.E.A" "Empezar Desde Cero" "Solo QuĂ©date En Silencio" "SĂĄlvame" "Nuestro Amor" "Rebelde"

A Look Back at Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s Romance

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan's relationship may be over, but it seems like some ties still remain between them. On Oct. 6, Jordan shared an amicable hug with Lori's father Steve at a basketball game, showing that there likely isn't too much bad blood between the two exes. Harvey and Jordan first confirmed their relationship in January 2021, and went on to shard a slew of sweet moments with the world, including adorable date nights and vacations most would only dream of. At that time, Harvey made an appearance on "The Real" where she promoted her skincare line and discussed her romance with Jordan. The model called her then-boyfriend "so sweet, [and] very attentive," noting that she appreciates all the little things he does for her like taking her to the farmer's market. "He listens to me and the things that I say that I want and he really makes an effort," she said. "Valentine's Day, birthdays, all that, but it's the little things, the everyday things that I think really is what makes him special, like he just listens to me when I talk." Unfortunately, the pair's relationship came to a close in June 2022. Ahead, take a look at their relationship timeline. Related: OK, We're Officially Obsessed With Lori Harvey's Date-Night Style

Everything We Know About Tom Brady and Irina Shayk’s Rumored Romance

Tom Brady just might have a new woman in his life. After fueling dating rumors in July, the retired NFL pro and model Irina Shayk have been spotted several times in the months since. They were seen exiting the same London hotel on the morning of Aug. 16, per photos shared in The Daily Mail, and according to the outlet, Brady exited the hotel at 7:20 a.m., while Shayk departed from another entrance five minutes prior. Then, on Sept. 11, Shayk was spotted walking into Brady's apartment in Tribeca, per Page Six, and the pair reportedly spent the afternoon together. Dating rumors about Brady and Shayk first began to swirl when they were spotted spending time together at Brady's home, per a July 24 Page Six report. According to the publication, Brady picked up 37-year-old Shayk from the Hotel Bel-Air on Friday before they returned to his house for the night. On Saturday, the two were spotted out together again. In the pictures, the pair appear very smitten with one another. In July, an insider told People that Brady and Shayk first began talking when they attended the wedding of billionaire art heir Joe Nahmad and model Madison Headrick in Sardinia, Italy, back in June. Another source told the publication that Brady invited Shayk to "fly out and meet up in Los Angeles" and that "they spent the night Friday and Saturday at a house." "There is an attraction," the source added. Brady and Shayk reportedly "have been in touch for a few weeks" and "there is a spark." Reps for both Brady and Shayk did not respond to POPSUGAR's request for comment. Prior to their reported new romance, Brady was married to Gisele BĂŒndchen for 13 years. The duo announced their divorce in October 2022. The former couple share two children - son Benjamin and daughter Vivian, in addition to Brady's older son, Jack, from his relationship with Bridget Moynahan. As for how Brady's ex feels about his new romance, according to People, BĂŒndchen "is on holiday in Brazil at the moment and is living her life, but she's said in the past that she just wants him to be happy." Following his split from BĂŒndchen last year, Brady shared that he was focusing on his children during an episode of the "Let's Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray" podcast. "Obviously, the good news is it's a very amicable situation and I'm really focused on two things: taking care of my family - and certainly my children - and secondly, doing the best job I can to win football games," he said. "That's what professionals do. You focus at work when it's time to work, and then when you come home, you focus on the priorities that are at home," he continued. "All you can do is the best you could do. That's what I'll just continue to do as long as I'm working and as long as I'm being a dad." Brady officially retired from the NFL in early 2023. Meanwhile, Shayk was previously linked to Kanye West and Bradley Cooper. Shayk and Cooper share a daughter, Lea De Seine. Recently, Cooper opened up about how his father's death has affected his own experience as a dad in an episode of "Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge." "I mean, you learn from the predecessor's mistakes and I'll make tons that hopefully Lea will learn from and then being rigorous with myself to grow to help unburden her with any of my bullsh*t," Cooper said. "But honestly, it's for me, too. It just makes life much better." Cooper's father, Charles Cooper, died in 2011 after a battle with lung cancer.

Everyone Fergie Has Dated, From Mario Lopez to Josh Duhamel

Ever since they split in 2017, Fergie and Josh Duhamel have been coparenting their son Axl and generally seem to have a positive relationship. The pair first met in 2004 and welcomed Axl in 2013, but announced their separation in 2017 and finalized their divorce two years later. Since splitting from Duhamel, Fergie has seemingly remained single, and seems to be focusing most of her energy on parenting Axl. She's continued to perform, of course, joining Jack Harlow at the 2022 MTV VMAs for a star-studded performance of her song "First Class." Additionally, she also warmly celebrated Duhamel and his relationship with wife Audra Mari, who revealed they're expecting their first child in September. "I am truly happy for you guys," Fergie commented on their social media post about the news. "Axl can't wait to be a big brother." Prior to Duhamel, Fergie was actually linked to two other famous stars. Hint: one of them is a singer, and the other is a TV host. Ahead, keep reading for a look at Fergie's former flames.