Barack Obama Shares His Favorite Books of 2023

The time has come for former President Barack Obama to share his end-of-year lists, and for his millions of followers on social media to speculate whether he really watched all those movies, read all those books, listened to all of those songs and binged all those shows. Whether or not you believe Obama’s insatiable consumption […]

The Ultimate Wes Anderson Gift Guide

Wes Anderson will once again transport viewers to a delightfully eccentric world in “Asteroid City,” which hits theaters June 23 following a successful premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May. The high-wattage film tells a story of a desert tourist trap that was once the site of an asteroid landing, and which also doubles as […]

The Best Flower Delivery Services to Use This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whether you’re desperate for a last-minute gift or want to surprise your partner with a spontaneous delivery, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful flower arrangement. Bouquets make for great gifts because you can personalize them to anyone’s liking and, best of all, they can be bought and delivered […]