Arcane to an end with season 2, and the trailer finds the cities in an all-out war

The second season of Arcane, due to arrive this November, will also be its final chapter. A new trailer from Netflix gives us a glimpse at what we can expect from season 2, and it appears like Zaun and Piltover are embroiled in active war.

At the end of Arcane’s first season, Jinx fired her ultimate rocket into Piltover’s council chambers. Fans were unsure about what this meant for the council, but based on this trailer, it sounds like the rocket successfully assassinated them. Mel’s mother, Ambessa Medarda — set to join the roster of League of Legends champions in the future — is pushing for active aggression from Piltover, and both Caitlyn and Vi are suited up and running the Enforcers’ operations in Zaun to find Jinx, shut down Shimmer, and remove any remaining Silco loyalists. Based off the trailer’s colorful explosions, striking graffiti, and dramatic delivery, we can guess that Jinx won’t turn herself in peacefully.

We also see glimpses of Ekko, Heimerdinger, Sevika, and a few other characters — including a Yordle with prosthetic limbs that open up into deadly augmented multi-claws. These characters are all wildcards that could change the trajectory of the war, so it’ll be interesting to see how these plot threads come together.

The trailer ends with a preview of a full-on fight between Vi and Jinx; the relationship between the sisters has been the core of Arcane’s story. We’ll have to wait until November to see how, exactly, that dynamic unfolds — but it certainly looks like Silco’s death, Jinx’s attack, and Ambessa’s influence have led to a much more dangerous and chaotic situation in both Piltover and Zaun.

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