Anker SOLIX X1 offers effective solar power storage for your home backup

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A major challenge of solar power as a primary energy source is that, as abundant as it is, it’s not always available. Solar systems do not generate energy at night, obviously, but energy production is reduced during overcast, dark, or stormy days. Moreover, other factors can affect energy production, like the cleanliness or condition of the solar panels and the amount of sunlight they get during the day — which can be influenced by the sun’s location in the sky or where the panels are installed — and much more. It simply means that to use solar energy systems effectively, you need some kind of storage device to preserve energy for use during the off-hours. While several products on the market do this, the X1 from Anker SOLIX is one of the most intriguing and powerful solar energy storage systems we’ve seen.

The X1 provides three main benefits: Energy backup, energy savings, and energy freedom. Ultimately, it harnesses and stores energy during the day for use at night or during outages to achieve always-on power. It stays available even when traditional grid power would not be. Of course, there are many more reasons why you might install the X1 in your home. In the future, it will also be able to charge your EVs, for example. Let’s take a closer look at what else it can do.

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How Anker’s SOLIX X1 is changing solar power storage for the better

Anker SOLIX X1 solar battery storage charging EV

In line with the energy backup and energy savings, the X1 features a modular design offering capacities ranging from 5 kWh to 180 kWh and power outputs ranging from 3 kW to 36 kW, which allows the system to scale with your family’s power needs. You can start small, expanding the system capabilities over time until it’s the optimal capacity for your home. The modular pack design of the X1 also allows for zero energy loss expansion, enabling new and old batteries to work seamlessly within the same system. This means that when you need to increase system capacity in the future, there is no need to replace existing good batteries, thus achieving full utilization of energy.

That modularity even unlocks additional cost savings. Instead of being forced to buy a large energy storage system upfront, with a capacity so large you may never use it fully, you can add on overtime or avoid it altogether if you don’t need the extra storage. Not to mention, it takes up a lot less space in your home. This is made possible by the X1’s relatively slim design at 5.9 inches thin, which Anker SOLIX claims is 40% thinner than traditional home energy storage systems.

Thanks to the Innovative Energy Optimizer feature, each battery pack of the X1 achieves independent charges and discharges, eliminating the capacity loss you’d typically see. This solution also provides up to 2,350 kilowatt-hours more energy than comparable products — a calculation based on the 15-kilowatt-hour batteries in the X1 over ten years versus a traditional home battery. It translates to more power and extended access for you and your family, even in a minimal form factor.

Most importantly, the X1 from Anker SOLIX has thermal boosting technology, a battery management system (BMS), and InfiniPower technology, which work together to continue operating even at extreme temperatures without impacting performance. It can operate flawlessly even in cold environments as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as 131 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to worry about energy storage being impacted by the temperatures or local climate. It also means this power backup solution is available to you regardless of where you live. In hot and humid Florida, dry and scorching Arizona, or cold and snowy northern states, the X1 will run at 100% regardless of the temperatures.

Furthering the energy freedom it provides, the system harnesses solar energy during the day and stores it for later, keeping the power on at night or during unforeseen events like outages. Extreme conditions or not, you get 100% full access to that power when needed. The switchover from on-grid power to off-grid power takes less than 20ms if the grid goes down, so there’s virtually no time in between. An innovative Storm Guard Mode automatically detects and prepares for major outages when the National Weather Service issues a warning. During that time, batteries are fully charged, as well, to ensure they’re ready if an outage does indeed hit. During short-term outages, X1 delivers 1.1x rated power output, so your home can run high-watt home appliances simultaneously, such as your air conditioner and washing machine.

Saving money with solar

With a solar energy backup solution like the X1, you can save money in several ways. First, you can use solar energy generated instead of traditional grid power, eliminating reliance on your local utility and reducing your overall costs. Second, you can sell excess power back to the utility, thereby reducing your bill entirely or, in some cases, even resulting in a negative power bill, meaning you’ll get credits back.

Anker SOLIX makes it possible through the X1 and a unique NEM 3.0 Mode, which is only available for California residents. It monitors energy prices, selling power back to your utility as fast as possible when the prices are high. Sort of like a market watchdog, it makes sure you’re getting the best possible return for the energy you have available, essentially making you money in the long run.

But let’s not forget the X1 can also be paired with a solar system to generate energy throughout the day. The self-powered mode enables you to maximize green energy use with a solar system, which reduces your dependency on traditional power. Furthermore, the time-of-use mode will ensure your storage is charged by the grid when prices are low and use it when prices rise, effectively saving on electricity costs. Nothing additional is required of you, either, it does this automatically as long as the modes and settings are enabled.

For you, it means true energy freedom. You can keep your power on in the face of grid outages, but you also cut back on your traditional energy usage and the bills you’d have to pay, and you even gain the opportunity to sell energy back to your utility.

Building the ultimate backup power solution

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What’s incredible about the Anker SOLIX X1 is that you can rely on your own power delivery system, and through its features, you earn security, savings, and freedom. If and when there’s a major outage, you can keep your appliances and mission-critical electronics online. Of course, the X1 takes all of that to new heights, allowing you to benefit directly from the energy storage system in new ways. You’ll see reduced power bills, for example, and even profit by selling your electricity back to the grid via the NEM 3.0 Mode, which is easy to activate with a single tap in the Anker app.

The X1 is an answer to true power independence, enabling you to keep the power on at home in situations that would otherwise be too difficult. But also incentivizing your uses of solar and renewable energy sources through optimal delivery, particularly when it comes to reducing traditional power bills, relying on solar power, and selling excess energy back to your utility. With the Anker SOLIX X1, the skies are the limit, and energy security is a real possibility.

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