Vivek Ramaswamy Hits Back at Donna Brazile for ‘Racist’ Mockery


Vivek Ramaswamy hit back at Democratic strategist Donna Brazile on Sunday after she intentionally mispronounced his name during an appearance on Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.

“I wonder what they’d do if a white Republican intentionally mispronounced Donna’s name & then told her to return ‘home,’” Ramaswamy wrote on X, quoting a post that included the clip and alleged Brazile implied Ramaswamy should go home to India.

During a panel discussion with host Bill Maher and former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), Brazile first mispronounced Ramaswamy’s name and then said he “needs to shut the hell up and go home.” Maher corrected her, though she dismissed the correction.

“Whatever,” she said, adding: “Is it Vivek Ramasama?”

The audience erupted into laughter, though Maher kept trying to make sure she knew his name. “Thank you so much,” Brazile replied with a snicker. “I learn so much for coming on this show.”

“I just feel like there’s something wrong with everybody refusing to learn to say his name,” Maher told Brazile. “I just feel there’s a little racism there.”

That point was picked up by Ramaswamy’s communications director and senior adviser Tricia McLaughlin, who told The Daily Mail, “Reverse racism is racism. If that were a white Republican they would be fired and torn to shreds on cable TV. Donna will probably get an ‘atta boy’ from her colleagues. Gross.”

The Real Time bit continued for another minute, with Kinzinger interjecting with his proof that he could pronounce the firebrand presidential candidate’s name right. Maher then tried to move the conversation forward, but not with one final dig at Ramaswamy himself.

“I know we don’t like him but, you know, just say his name right,” Maher said.

This post was originally published on Daily Beast

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