US largest exporter of LNG in 2023


U.S. exports of the fossil fuel last year surpassed those of major exporters Qatar and Australia and amounted to 12 percent more American gas shipped than in 2022, the independent Energy Information Administration said.


The increase comes as Europe, the primary customer for U.S. gas exports, looks to move away from another major supplier, Russia, following its 2022 invasion of Ukraine. It also comes as the Biden administration is facing increasing political pressure — particularly from climate activists — over its natural gas exports.

In response to objections to the nation’s growing gas exports, the administration paused approvals for some new natural gas export projects earlier this year — though that pause does not impact existing exports or projects that are already under construction.

Experts have also debated the environmental impacts of U.S. natural gas exports, given that the fuel does contribute to climate change, but displaces even-dirtier coal in some nations.

High oil and gas production numbers have presented a political tightrope for the administration as it seeks to show progressive and mainstream Democrats that it is taking climate action, while also combatting right-wing attacks over not being friendly enough to fossil fuels.


This post was originally published on The Hill

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