Unpacking the Child Abuse Case Against YouTube Influencer Ruby Franke

In a Sept. 13 YouTube video, Bonnie said Ruby and Kevin “cut our family off” years ago, so she had no idea of what was allegedly going on.

Julie said in a video she posted the same day that she “literally had no contact” with Ruby, adding, “She wouldn’t respond to any texts or emails.”

Bonnie continued, “The more I learn, my feelings are turning more to anger. I am mad. I am mad at what has happened. I am beyond disgusted and I feel like it makes me tremble. It makes me tremble because this is unheard of. It is truly unbelievable.” She also said in her video that it was Kevin’s “job to check in on things and he did not.”

Asked about Bonnie’s allegation that the father of six had failed to protect his kids, Kevin’s attorney told TODAY.com that his client was “more interested in reaching out to his children, family, and friends to heal the past trauma and events” than debating his sister-in-law.

“He is focused on doing what is best for his kids at this point, even if that means undergoing some introspection,” the lawyer continued. “None of that process, however, is going to be creating more distance between him and his family, including his extended family. He wishes Bonnie and her family well as we all travel down this path of healing.”

As for Ruby and Jodi, they both pleaded guilty to four felony counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse in December and were sentenced to four consecutive one- to 15-year sentences Feb. 20.

According to NBC News, Ruby’s exact time behind bars will be determined by the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, but she appeared ready to accept her punishment. “I am humbled and willing to serve a prison sentence,” Franke told Judge John Walton during her court appearance. “I understand this is going to take time.”

Read on for more chilling details from the Ruby Franke child abuse case:

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