Type Soul Codes June 2024

If you’re scouring the internet for the latest Type Soul codes, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a list of all the currently active Type Soul codes available this month, so you can redeem some free rewards and bonuses.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the latest codes to drop in the game, check out the game’s official Discord server. Not only will new codes be added to the Announcements channel, but you’ll also frequently see members of the community sharing codes, so you can keep up to date on all the latest bonuses and rewards. Of course, you can also keep up with all the latest active codes here for your convenience.

Active Type Soul Codes June 2024

  • whatdoesheevendo
  • 300mvisits
  • tama62121
  • nuovarandomcode
  • tamarandomcode
  • timetravellermistake
  • cristi10k
  • thegreattypesoultrellolieisrealtyfor10kbtw
  • therewasnotruebankaiinthefirstplace
  • gokuvsvegetasupersaiyanrapbattlebegin
  • thisisnotsigma
  • ermwhatthetypesoul
  • causethatstheupdateineed
  • yurrrrlistenman
  • thereisnosuchthing
  • abracadabra
  • tweakinpostupdate
  • arrogantecristi5k
  • 500kdiscmemberswoo
  • 2weekdelaywoah
  • hqrsepowered
  • imnotnamingitthat
  • lightningshunkoaftertwoyearslol
  • quincynerfagainleaveourracealonedude
  • thatoneguyinvcaskedmeforthisonesoblamehim
  • putthesefoolishambitionstorest
  • readysetboomxdgetitbecauseboomboominokwhateverheresacode
  • allaccordingtocake
  • codethatsenkumadecuzhesmakingsomethingtakethisgiftbecauseitsjustasimpleupdate
  • 7staredwardnewgate
  • petgod101
  • canyougiftmeacinmightyomega
  • ineedasacredscrollindemonhuntertm
  • greeniscoolandbest
  • tamaverified
  • jayomalawfirm
  • brovisitedhisfriends

Expired Codes

  • newfaceswow
  • canyourecmeintodemonhunter
  • somethingrandom
  • canyouwrap
  • tsugokusenku
  • nosreppbestaustraliandeveloperinthewholeworld
  • mobileflashpd
  • 160mvisits
  • 400kdiscmembers
  • myhopewillneverdie
  • robloxban
  • icanimaginesomeonesayingimnexttoatree
  • nothinghappened
  • davehashit10kwow
  • almightyeye
  • thekiraeventparttwo
  • thekiraevent
  • 5minutesoffame
  • breathlesspumpkle
  • senkuwascloudkageinjoedame
  • hakudanerfafter1000years
  • cursedgearruinsfriendships
  • theresahiddennpcsomewhere
  • cyberpoint
  • setraboominda

How to Redeem Type Soul Codes

To redeem a code in Type Soul, boot up the game, jump into a server and then click the gift icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will pull up a text box where you can redeem codes. Input your chosen code and hit enter. If the code’s valid, it will be redeemed. If it isn’t, a message reading “Invalid” will appear in the box.

It’s worth noting that codes can only be redeemed if you’re a high enough rank to recieve them. Unlike other Roblox games, codes won’t immediately give you items if you haven’t spent some time building your character and gaining experience. If you input a code for a reward that’s too high level for your character, you’ll get the message “Too Low Rank” in the code bar.

When Do New Codes Drop For Type Soul?

Type Soul releases a lot of new codes, with the majority of them launching as the team updates the game. If you look in the Update Log channel on the game’s official Discord server, you’ll see that the team are constantly adding new features and mechanics as well as implementing changes. Whenever you see some significant patch notes in the channel, there’s a good chance the devs will follow them up with a new code, so if you’ve run out of redeemable codes to cash in it shouldn’t be long until you have more to exchange.

How Does AFK World Work in Type Soul?

Much like other Roblox games, one way to get resources quickly in Type Soul outside of codes is to visit its AFK World. This is a server you can load into where you leave the game on and accrue passive rewards, gaining new items and resources. However, there’s a catch. Type Souls’ AFK World functions differently from most Roblox AFK Worlds in that it requires a World Ticket to enter.

How do you get a World Ticket? Well, you either have to purchase it using Robux (which cost real money) or trade with other players to get one. The ticket costs 1000 Robux (which is the equivalent of around $10), so while it’s a good way to stock up on new items, you’ll have to weigh up whether the cost is worth the additional rewards.

To get a World Ticket, head into your inventory while in-game by pressing N, then scroll through the tabs to the right until you reach the Inventory page. In the Dev Products menu on the right-hand side, you’ll see a World Ticket listed. Go through the purchase screen and then the World Ticket will appear in your inventory. If you traded for the ticket, it should just show up in your inventory after the trade’s gone through. When you have a ticket, click on it while in your inventory and you’ll enter AFK World.

Be careful once you arrive, as the AFK world is separated into a small grassy area known as the Safe Zone and a large arena. The grassy area functions like most AFK Worlds. You’ll accrue rewards simply for being logged in and can’t be attacked by other players. However, once you step into the arena, you’ll initiate PVP, meaning other players can kill you and remove you from the AFK World entirely. Facing off against other players in the arena will net you better rewards, however, you’re risking the time you purchased to stay in the AFK World during each battle.

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