TikToker Melanie Wilking Slams Threats Aimed at Sister Miranda Derrick

After Dean, Kelly and Melanie went viral airing their concerns about Miranda and Shekinah, it was open season on everyone involved via YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Some commenters observed that Miranda looked as if she was living her best life, so maybe it was her family who had the problem. But exponentially more people on social media—including some who claimed to know firsthand what Shekinah was like—agreed with the characterization that the church was a cult.

The dancers in the series don’t go into specifics about anything they allegedly witnessed, but they cited the response to the Wilking family’s video as what spurred them to eventually cut ties with Robert, Shekinah and 7M.

“That was the fist time we were hearing about how people were actually treated in Shekinah,” Kylie said. “I realized I could be in an unsafe environment.” 

Kevin added, “We realized we’d seen some weird stuff.”

Aubrey recalled Robert changing course in the wake of the Wilking video, telling the dancers to get back in touch with their families—and make sure they posted about it on social media.

Recalling the mini-exodus from Shekinah in 2022, Kailea said in the series, “There’s no way that all these close people to you are leaving and nothing happened. There has to be truth to everything else going on. Everybody can’t be lying.”

This post was originally published on E! Online

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