These “Mob Wife”-Inspired Meals Incorporate Classic Italian Flavors


Arguably the most important part of embodying your inner mob wife is learning how to eat like one. As the internet continues to obsess over the mob wives depicted in shows like “The Sopranos,” you can stay one step ahead by channeling that same bold energy into your cooking. You might not find a mob boss willing to confirm, but we have it on good authority that mob wives incorporate plenty of delicious Italian flavors in their cooking (and eating). To give us a better culinary perspective on the modern-day mob-wife aesthetic, we spoke to the culinary team at Blue Apron, even scoring some beginner-friendly recipes with major mob-wife energy.

A drastic departure from the former “clean girl” aesthetic, TikTok’s “mob wife” trend is mainly characterized by big (faux) fur coats, flashy jewelry, and wonderfully loud animal prints. Still, it’s worth noting that the aesthetic has stirred up polarizing reactions, especially from the Italian and Italian American communities. “It’s not that the mob-wife aesthetic itself is appropriative,” TikToker Leila Gharagozlou previously told POPSUGAR. “It’s more so the ‘discovery’ of this type of style by people who shun the big, bold, showy nature of this aesthetic, which is most commonly seen in first-generation or second-generation immigrant groups.” Others see the aesthetic as empowering, drawing inspiration from the fearlessness of mob-wife characters on TV. “It’s very universal, and I don’t think anyone’s trying to appropriate the culture,” Jennifer Graziano, creator and executive producer of VH1’s “Mob Wives,” previously told POPSUGAR. “It’s showing that you want to feel powerful and confident just like a real-life mob wife would.”

With this context in mind, the culinary team at Blue Apron recommends classic Italian recipes that don’t shy away from bold flavors. Fans of the mob-wife aesthetic might specifically draw inspiration from dishes like Blue Apron’s one-pot tomato and parmesan risotto or cheesy pesto gnocchi. “Pasta is a go-to dish because of the love mob wives have for Italian cuisine,” the Blue Apron team says. “Plus, it embodies qualities of a mob wife: rich, strong, composed, and often luxurious.” If you’re drawn to the splendor of the mob-wife aesthetic, steak is another great option, with Blue Apron’s culinary team suggesting a mushroom agrodulce.

When we see these new aesthetics, we often find ways to incorporate them into our clothing or beauty routines. But as the Blue Apron team explains, we can also use these trends for recipe inspiration. “Whether dining solo, with loved ones, or a group of people, food has the power to reflect our personalities and lifestyle choices,” the team says. “This makes it easy to attach these aesthetics to what we eat — whether visually, symbolically, or both.”

In the past, the Blue Apron team saw aesthetics tied to more seasonal trends, like the spring-adjacent “cottagecore” or “tomato girl” summer. Moving forward, they predict the next big trend could be linked to a specific celebrity or TV show. “We anticipate the introduction of even more pop-culture-related aesthetics that tie in well-known television shows and movies like ‘Mob Wives’ or ‘The Sopranos,'” the Blue Apron team says. “We wouldn’t be surprised to see aesthetics tied to Taylor Swift, ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ and other viral phenomenons that trickle into other aspects of culture and impact people’s purchasing decisions.” In the meantime, read on for more mouthwatering mob-wife meal inspo.

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