The Umbrella Academy final season trailer rightfully rocks to MCR’s The End.

The Umbrella Academy is facing the end of the world — again!

That’s basically the norm for the seven Hargreeves siblings, who’ve spent three seasons narrowly escaping the end of the world. But this time it’s the last time, for real, since this is the final season of the Netflix show. And, fittingly, the new trailer sets all the high stakes to My Chemical Romance’s “The End.” (If you didn’t know, The Umbrella Academy comics were originally penned by MCR front man Gerard Way).

It’s actually the first time an MCR song’s been used in the show. There have been Gerard Way songs on the soundtrack, but showrunner Steve Blackman seems to favor quirky needle drops like “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by The Backstreet Boys, “Istanbul” by They Might Be Giants, and Jeremy Renner’s cover of “House of the Rising Sun.”

But what better way to kick off the end of The Umbrella Academy than with “The End.,” a song that sounds appropriately angsty. Usually the show’s song choices are off-kilter and unexpectedly perfect (like the Swedish version of “Hello” that plays over a Viking funeral in season 2 episode 5). But “The End.” is a more literal take, especially since the lyrics are all about a “tragic affair” — maybe it’s Blackman poking fun at his own taste thus far, or honoring Way’s contributions to the show.

The new trailer gets more specific about the very nature of this particular end of the world: This time, Ben (Justin H. Min) is the loose canon who accidentally ends the world. The siblings realize that none of them can remember exactly how he died… and that could be the key to saving the world.

The Umbrella Academy returns for the last time on August 8. Hopefully, the Hargreeves siblings get it together and actually save the damn world this time.

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