The only Resident Evil 4 remake I need is this incredible Lego version


I’m on record as saying that many of the game remakes we get in this day and age are the wrong ones (opens in new tab). But I take it all back; this remake of Resident Evil 4 is truly astounding. No, not that one, this one: A version of the original game’s opening sequence redone entirely in (digital) Lego.

Spotted by Eurogamer, the impressive project comes from an animator called Cara Aleatorio, who has form for this kind of thing. Before this recreation of Resident Evil 4’s first few minutes, Aleatorio has put out Lego renditions of the loading screen for GTA: San Andreas (opens in new tab) and the James Bond intro (opens in new tab). None of it was quite as involved as this latest video, though, which captures RE4’s opening in painstaking detail.

Aleatorio says it took them a couple of months to finish in Blender, a 3D graphics tool, and it shows. The characters’ models are eerily comprehensive, replete with tiny scratches and smudges in the plastic that make them seem like physical children’s toys, and all the key moments you remember from the original RE4 are in there, up to and including that first guy you meet who turns around all weird (opens in new tab).

It’s not quite as sumptuously bloody as the real remake, of course, but that’s probably for the best. My childhood memories might not be able to survive the experience of seeing tiny Lego men suddenly burst into writhing masses of bloody tentacles. Lego’s lawyers might have something unkind to say about it, too.

The actual Resident Evil 4 remake releases on March 24, but it has a demo out that you can try right now. Fans have responded well to it so far, dying horrifically and quickly in its max-difficulty “Mad Chainsaw Mode” (opens in new tab) or—at the other end of the enjoyment spectrum—having a great time putting Leon in a thong (opens in new tab). Truly, Resident Evil has something for everyone.

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