The Double-Helix Piercing Trend Allows You to Create Your Own “Ear Art”


Whether you’re thinking about adding another piercing to your growing collection or you’re considering going “under the needle” for the very first time, piercing placement can be one of the most difficult things to decide on. There are a plethora of cool piercing options to choose from, each one more exciting than the last.

A piercing trend we can always get excited about? The double-helix. They say two is better than one, and that couldn’t be more true when talking about double-helix piercings. When in pairs, helix or cartilage piercings allow you to play with different types of jewelry and create a look that’s exclusive to you. It’s a fresh and exciting take on an old classic, which makes it a shoo-in to be a huge trend for the upcoming season.

If you’re considering a double-helix piercing, read on to learn what the trend is, as well as check out some inspiration photos you can bring with you to your professional piercing appointment.

What Is a Double-Helix Piercing?

While a helix piercing is essentially just a cartilage piercing, a double-helix piercing adds another hole into the mix. The two piercings are placed close together, and they can be located anywhere along the cartilage area of the ear. “The double-helix allows for unique ear art,” Megan Milchman, head studio nurse at Rowan, tells POPSUGAR. “Mix and match or twin out your piercings. It’s a fun way to make a statement.”

The pain level of this piercing is relative, but typically, the cartilage is more uncomfortable than other softer areas of the ear, like the lobe. If you’re really worried about the pain, you can request to have the area numbed with lidocaine.

As for the healing time, “All cartilage piercings generally heal in about six months, in comparison to lobe piercings, which take around six weeks,” Louisa Schneider, CEO and founder of Rowan, previously told POPSUGAR.

To get inspired for your own double-helix piercing, keep scrolling.

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