The Boys Showrunner Says It Seems Like Jared Padalecki Will Be in Season 5 ‘Barring Any Unforeseen Disaster’

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke is doing his best to include Supernatural alum Jared Padalecki in Season 5 of his violent superhero show.

Kripke spoke on the potential for Padalecki’s inclusion during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He says “it’s fair” to assume that the plan is to include the star, who played Sam Winchester in Supernatural, in some capacity. Though nothing is concrete yet, only a few more pieces need to fall into place before Padalecki is confirmed to show up.

“We both have now seen that it looks like our schedules will line up,” Kripke said. “I don’t have the role for him yet just because we haven’t cooked it up. We’re still really early in the Season 5 break, but it does seem like the planets are aligning. Barring any unforeseen disaster, it seems like it’ll happen. Again, I don’t know what the character is, I don’t know if it’s one episode or more, I genuinely know a total of zero about all of that. I’m not being coy. I really don’t know.”

Jared Padalecki. Image credit Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.
Jared Padalecki. Image credit Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.

Fans have theorized about Padalecki’s inclusion for years. The star worked with Kripke on Supernatural in the past, and The Boys has included its fair share of talent from the paranormal show since it first came to Prime Video in 2019. It wasn’t until recently that Padalecki confirmed his interest in joining the supe series, where he went as far as to say that he had already spoken to Kripke about tagging along for Season 5.

“I mean, he created Supernatural. He created Sam Winchester. He created Ruby [Genevieve Padalecki], who I ended up marrying and starting a family with,” Padalecki told Deadline last week. “I adore him. I adore his humor. I adore him as a person, his storytelling. So I can’t wait. I don’t think [Season 5] films until next year, but I will be ready when he makes the phone call. I’ll just say ‘Okay, when am I flying out?’”

Supernatural mainstays Jim Beaver and Jeffrey Dean Morgan made their The Boys debut in Season 1 and Season 4, respectively. Season 3 then brought Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester, into the fold to play Soldier Boy. That character’s fate was left a mystery by the time the last season came to a close, leaving the door wide open for a potential on-screen reunion that Kripke has already considered.

“The value of that is to break the internet. So we’ll see whether it’s right for the story,” Kripke said. “But yes, it’s occurred to me that putting those two in a scene together would destroy much of the world, and that’s appealing.”

Meanwhile, The Boys Season 4 still has story left to tell. The latest run has seen four episodes release so far, with the season’s remaining four set to roll out weekly until the finale drops July 18. Season 5 will then be the series’ last, though its release date remains a mystery.

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