The 6 best hairball remedies for cats of 2023


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It’s important to treat and prevent hairballs so they don’t cause a dangerous intestinal obstruction. While small amounts of hair usually pass harmlessly through a cat’s digestive tract, too much hair can ball up and become trapped inside the stomach. At that point, the hairball may be “coughed up.” While daily brushing reduces the amount of fur your cat swallows when they groom themselves, your vet might also recommend using one of the best hairball remedies for cats. 

Hairball remedies come in a variety of different forms, including gels, foods, treats, and supplements. Most contain lubricating ingredients, fiber, or a combination of the two to help hairballs pass through a cat’s system. For this guide, we spoke to two veterinarians and evaluated products according to their ingredients, ease of use, and whether the medicine carries the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) quality seal. Our top pick for a hairball remedy is Tomlyn Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel, a treatment that works quickly and is recommended by veterinarians.

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Our top picks for cat hairball remedies

Best hairball gel: Tomlyn Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel for Cats – See at Chewy
Tomlyn Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel gently lubricates your cat’s digestive tract to help existing hairballs pass through and prevent them from forming in the future.

Best non-petroleum hairball gel: Nutri-Vet Hairball Paw Gel – See at Chewy
Nutri-Vet Hairball Paw Gel contains natural non-petroleum ingredients to lubricate your cat’s digestive tract and it supports healthy skin and coat.

Best hairball treats: Feline Greenies Hairball Control Smartbites, 4.6 oz. bag – See at Chewy
Feline Greenies Hairball Control Smartbites help minimize hairball formation and aid digestion while also giving your cat a boost of healthy nutrition.

Best hairball supplement: Vet’s Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid, 60 tablets – See at Chewy
Vet’s Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid supplements contain fiber and natural ingredients to support digestion and prevent or eliminate hairballs.

Best dry cat food for hairballs: Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight and Hairball Care, 16-pound bag – See at Chewy
For cats that prefer to eat crunchy kibble, Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight and Hairball Care dry cat food helps prevent and eliminate hairballs with its added fiber.

Best wet cat food for hairballs: Purina Pro Plan Hairball Adult Wet Cat Food – See at Chewy
Purina Pro Plan Hairball Adult Wet Cat Food contains extra fiber to help prevent or eliminate hairballs and support digestive health.

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