The 4 best pizza stones and steels of 2023, tested and reviewed by experts


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If you’ve ever tried making pizza in your home oven without any special pizza equipment, you’ve probably found the results pale and doughy compared to what you get from your favorite pizza joint. That’s because home ovens max out at around 550 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike commercial or wood-fired pizza ovens that can reach 900+ degrees. In order to achieve a pizza with a well-browned crust, you need to cook the pizza as hot and as fast as possible to mimic the intense heat of a traditional wood-fired oven.

That’s where pizza stones come in. Pizza stones are rectangular or circular slabs of relatively thick stone or metal that absorb heat to cook pizza much faster than a pan or sheet tray. With practice and the right pizza stone, and a few other tools like a solid pizza peel and pizza cutter, you can churn out pizzas that resemble the pies you get from your favorite slice shop. 

While pizza stones excel at making pizza, they’re not unitaskers: they’re also great for baking bread, searing steak or vegetables, and reheating leftovers. For this guide, we used each stone to make multiple pizzas and loaves of bread. I had the tough job of evaluating the quality of the finished pizza through multiple taste tests and also based my recommendations on how easy the stones were to move, use, and clean. I also spoke with pizza expert Andrew Janjigian (@wordloaf), baking instructor and former resident bread expert at Cook’s Illustrated Magazine to learn more about what makes a great pizza stone. You can read more about how I tested pizza stones below. 

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Our top picks for the best pizza stone

Best pizza stone overall: FibraMent Home Oven Baking Stone 20×15 – See at Amazon and FibraMent
FibraMent’s stone is built for maximum versatility: it features a wide baking surface that can accommodate all sizes of baked goods, 3/4 inch thickness for durability, and balanced heat transfer that makes both exceptional pizzas and well-baked bread.

Best pizza steel: The Original Baking Steel – See at Baking Steel
If you want to make the best, most bubbly, and well-browned pizza, The Original Baking Steel produces a crust like no other and is easy to move, clean, and use. 

Best budget pizza stone: Solido 14×16 Cordierite Pizza Stone – See at Amazon
This cordierite pizza stone bakes good pizza, but also produces excellent bread, making it a great choice for those looking for a solid pizza stone on a budget.

Best pizza stone for the grill: Lodge 15 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan – See at Amazon and Lodge
This round cast-iron stone has handles for easy maneuvering and is perfectly sized and shaped for making pizza on both charcoal and gas grills. 

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