Selling Sunset: Chelsea Lazkani Stands by Nick Cannon Comments

“I find Nick Cannon and Bre’s relationship rather off-putting,” the 30-year-old admitted during a confessional. “I just think we’re fundamentally so different. And ultimately, the way I live my life is very different to her as a Christian, so I don’t know if we will ever be super, super close friends.”

Another co-star that Chelsea may be not be ringing the bell with anytime soon is Heather Rae El Moussa, as she’s been sharing her feelings on social media about Heather taking Bre’s side on-air.

“We film and watch the show back and certain things we have no idea about,” Chelsea explained to E! News’ Keltie Knight and Justin Sylvester, “so we start to get triggered by things that we had no idea existed. I thought Heather and I were much closer than we evidently are, and I wanted to voice that.”

As for who is the most likely to get heated after watching an episode back?

Emma Hernan chimed in, “Bre might have been a little upset with Chelsea for sure.”

And yes, there is no shortage of drama, the burning question is: Do the ladies really sell houses?

“It would be a lot easier if we didn’t,” Emma responded. “I have about 10 jobs right now, but I can assure you we sell houses—we have amazing listings.”

This post was originally published on E! Online

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