SEAN HANNITY: Does Biden think the Chinese spy balloon is a joke?

Fox News host Sean Hannity torched President Biden on “Hannity” for his continued inaction while a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon glides across the United States.

SEAN HANNITY: We begin with a 60,000-ft.-in-the-sky balloon that’s flying over the continental U.S. somewhere – where at this moment, we’re not exactly sure. It is a massive Chinese spy balloon the size of, say, three school buses. It has been hovering over our country for days, and why hasn’t our government told we the people about this? They are the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history.”


We’re just supposed to be, what? Calm, cool, collected, relaxed about a Chinese spy balloon hovering over our country in our airspace? So, I have another question: Why haven’t we shot this balloon out of the sky? Oh: Joe Biden is the president. He is refusing to take any action as of now. Apparently, this has gone on for days. He won’t even talk about it. He doesn’t want to answer the questions about the little balloon. He doesn’t have time for the Situation Room, where he should have been all day with our top military leaders. But no, Joe Biden this weekend is back to Delaware for rest and relaxation. Now, is this a joke to him? Because it’s not to me.

A balloon flies in the sky over Billings, Montana, February 1.


Any competent leader — Democrat or Republican — would be in Washington, in the Situation Room, managing this crisis. China has breached our airspace. They’re now spying on us, but the administration says it is too much of a risk to shoot the balloon down. They say they are worried that debris might hit a population zone. Keep in mind, the drone first flew over a barren part of Alaska. The White House, they took no action. It then flew over the vast prairies and mountain ranges of Montana, and, by the way, even flew over our ICBM launch sites. And the White House took no action and didn’t tell us. 

This post was originally published on Fox News

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