Save up to $170 on Elegoo Saturn models with these Black Friday 3D printer deals

Whether you’re looking to print out your own sculptures or engaging in a little prototyping, this trio of Elegoo 3D resin printers should be right up your street. And, thanks to Elegoo and Amazon’s Black Friday sales, they’re substantially discounted.

Starting at just $329.99 for the Elegoo Saturn S (opens in new tab), through to $499.99 for the Saturn 2 (opens in new tab), you’ll be printing before you know it. You will need to wash and cure then but once you’re done you should have a suitably detailed model. 

These resin printers all sport a mid-sized build size so you’re not limited to producing diminutive models. Though if you do want to populate a board game with miniature figurines (sorry, Games Workshop) that’s entirely up to you. 

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We did our Elegoo Saturn review earlier this year and we were throroughly impressed. Now that Black Friday is in full swing, you can save big on the Saturn’s siblings. This trio of resin printers offer good quality prints and performance – great quality if you plump for the 8K Elegoo Saturn 2 or Saturn 8K.

If you’re new to resin printing, 3D resin printers use bottled resin liquid instead of reels of plastic PLA filament. Resin models do need to be washed and cured, either manually or with another machine. But once you do that you’ll should find your models look great and the detail is more defined than your average FLA printer.

So which of these should you go for? The Elegoo Saturn 2 is the top of the trio and, despite the name, does support 8K printing. It has a mid-range build plate which, unless you’re a cosplay enthusiast looking to want to print a wearable helmet, should be more than enough.

Or, if you’re fine with lower detail but still impressive to look-at prints, the Elegoo Saturn is a great place to start, at a bank balance-pleasingly reasonable $329.99. All three are relatively easy to set up and, though there’s no getting round that wash and cure stage, which hardens the prints, you should be very happy with the results. 

Be sure to check out’s Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) page, or our guide to the best 3D printers (opens in new tab).

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