Save $40 on the Encalife 10×50 ED binocular on Black Friday

The Encalife ENBI202 10×50 ED binoculars are currently $40 off (opens in new tab) with this Black Friday deal dropping the price from $329.97 down to $289.97. Designed with Extra-low Dispersion glass elements in the binoculars, the Encalife ENBI202’s takes advantage of this optical correction technology which aims to reduce chromatic aberration, otherwise known as color fringing.

A 10x magnification provides ample zoom to see far-off subjects like birds and wildlife, or even for wide-field viewing of air shows. 50mm objective lenses drink in the light to maximize brightness in otherwise dark situations which may prove useful if using them at twilight or to stargaze.

The ENBI202’s are fully waterproof so you can rest assured that they’ll remain safe and working should you be using them in heavy rain. The Super Multi-coated objective lenses provide solid protection from the elements which can make the lenses easier to clean.

Suitable for all kinds of head shapes the ENBI202 binoculars have an adjustable ocular distance from 56-73mm so that those with narrow-set or wide-set eyes can use them just as easily.

Saving over 12% on the Encalife ENBI202 binoculars (opens in new tab) gives a $40 saving that could go toward purchasing another accessory or upgrading your existing stargazing equipment.

The ENBI202’s have a 320ft field of view which places them pretty wide, all things considered. While that won’t be any good for studying planets, you should get good views of constellations and a closer look at the moon if using them for stargazing. This field of view also makes them suitable for tracking wildlife and birdwatching when moving subjects are often hard to follow through higher magnification binos.

The Encalife ENBI202’s also have twist-up eyecups that can accommodate for eyeglasses-wearers that normally struggle to view subjects through binoculars without removing their spectacles.

The binoculars ship with a carry case, neckstrap which loops through the connections on the binoculars themselves, a cleaning cloth to remove dirt from the lenses and an instruction manual to help get set up. Setting up is easy though and they can be used handheld or attached to a tripod for more steady viewing which connects at the front of the ENBI202s.

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