Save 10% on a great beginner astronomy gift: Celestron 76mm Signature Series FirstScope

Find your way around the sky with this perfect beginner-friendly telescope bundle.

The Celestron 76mm Signature Series FirstScope is just $64.86 at Amazon (opens in new tab), allowing you to obtain a beginner telescope, astronomy software and an illustrated moon e-book for 10% less.

Celestron is one of our most trusted telescope brands and this telescope is perfectly optimized for preteens, teenagers or beginners in astronomy. We especially adore the wraparound moon packaging on this telescope, as the moon is one of the perfect targets for beginning scopes. You can easily find the moon in the sky and track it, along with examining craters, mountains and ancient lava flows.

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Weighing in at less than 5 pounds (2.2 kg), the Celestron 76mm Signature Series FirstScope is a portable option for camping or for just moving about your residence to get the best look at the sky. It’s small enough to bring on your balcony or in your car trunk, at an impressively compact 10 inches deep, 10 inches wide and 15 inches high (25 x 25 x 38 cm).

The 76 mm scope is big enough to image the moon, Milky Way, star clusters and get a glimpse at Saturn’s rings or the Orion nebula, which are all bright and easy targets to source in the sky. It also comes with two eyepieces to slightly expand your viewing options. Moving around the sky is as simple as rotating the axis where you want to go.

The custom wrap includes 10 lunar features you can try to find during your first nights with the telescope, such as the mighty Tycho and Copernicus craters. The included ebook by Robert Reeves will get you started on craters, the history of the moon and other interesting facts about our neighbor.

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