Peyton Manning Makes His Case for Sports Dad of the Year,cs_srgb,fl_progressive,h_1200,q_auto:good,w_1200/MTk1MzQ5NjI3MTk2MTU1MTk0/peyton-manning.jpg

Being Peyton Manning clearly has its perks. So too does being Peyton Manning’s son.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl champion made the most of his divisional round weekend with an East Coast swing to the Giants-Eagles game in Philadelphia on Saturday. He followed that up with a trip to Orchard Park for the Bengals-Bills matchup on Sunday, bringing his son, Marshall, along for the ride.

Manning and his son were on the sidelines for both games, with Marshall sporting the jerseys of each of the home teams’ starting quarterbacks: Jalen Hurts on Saturday and Josh Allen on Sunday.

Peyton and Marshall even snagged a pregame picture with Allen, who Peyton revealed earlier in the season was Marshall’s favorite player. That bit of news came out when Allen was a guest on Peyton and Eli Manning’s Monday Night Football broadcast. Peyton told a story about how Marshall chose to incorporate Allen as part of his youth football jersey.

“What’s not cool is that our flag football team, we are the Bills. And you can put your last name on the back … I’d like him to put ‘Manning’ on the back of his jersey,” Manning told Allen. “Instead, what does he put? ‘J. Allen.’ Tell me how to interpret that, and will you please tell him that’s not a nice way to treat his father?”

This post was originally published on Sports Illustrated

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