Nice, you can kill Conor McGregor in Hitman’s new DLC

Agent 47’s next assassination target is Conor McGregor, the MMA fighter and star of this year’s Roadhouse remake, developer IO Interactive announced Thursday. McGregor will serve as the next elusive target in Hitman World of Assassination, and he’s available in all versions of the game from June 27 through July 29.

McGregor’s Hitman character is known as The Disruptor, and he’ll be portrayed in game as — what else? — an MMA fighter. The Disruptor is set to compete against Tim Quinn, the CEO of Quantum Leap, who previously appeared in the Hitman 3 mission “The Farewell.” According to IO Interactive, stakeholders at Quantum Leap fear that Quinn will be humiliated by The Disruptor, and have tasked Agent 47 with taking down McGregor’s character before the match can happen.

The Disruptor mission sends players to the island of Sgàil “during a conclave of the secretive Ark Society, an organization composed of the world’s most rich and powerful people,” IO Interactive said in a news release. The mission will be available to play for free for Hitman newcomers as part of the game’s Free Starter Pack.

A location where you can kill Conor McGregor
Image: IO Interactive

Hitman World of Assassination players can also access the mission for free, and can purchase a $4.99 Disruptor DLC pack, which offers a new fur-coat cosmetic, as well as kettlebell, resistance band, and cane items, which you can presumably use to kill Conor McGregor. That DLC pack also offers permanent access to The Ostentatious, a two-level Arcade contract featuring The Disruptor elusive target.

The ability to eliminate McGregor virtually should be cathartic for the UFC fighter’s detractors, whether they’re wroth over his general attitude, his clownish performance in the unnecessary Roadhouse remake, the sexual assault allegations levied against him, or his history of out-of-the-ring violence.

If killing Conor McGregor sounds like your cup of tea, the Disruptor elusive target mission is available starting today on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X versions of Hitman World of Assassination.

The Hitman series has included celebrities as elusive targets before, notably with actors Gary Busey and Sean Bean serving as limited-time assassination victims in Hitman and Hitman 2, respectively.

Agent 47 from Hitman World of Assassination dressed in The Disruptor fur coat

Agent 47 dressed in his victim’s clothes
Image: IO Interactive

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