NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return to Earth: Live updates



OSIRIS-REx 1 week from asteroid sample return

This NASA diagram shows how the OSIRIS-REx capsule will return to Earth on Sept. 24 over the course of 4 hours. (Image credit: NASA)

NASA is just one week away from the epic landing of its OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample-return capsule, which is packed with pieces of the asteroid Bennu. The landing, which is on track for Sept. 24, 2023, will mark the end of OSIRIS-REx’s primary 7-year mission that began with a launch in 2016 and sample-collection at Bennu in October 2020

Scientists are excited, but also on tenterhooks, as they prepare for OSIRIS-REx’s return to Earth. The spacecraft will slam into Earth’s atmosphere, protected by a heat shield, and reach speeds of up to 27,000 mph before deploying drogue and main parachutes to slow itself to a more manageable 10 mph. 

As NASA prepares for the OSIRIS-REx landing, check out our latest coverage below and stay tuned for daily updates leading up to the landing itself!

OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe heads toward Earth for Sept. 24 sample delivery
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe put itself on course toward Earth with a thruster firing on Sept. 10, two weeks before its highly anticipated asteroid-sample delivery.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission almost bit the dust — then Queen guitarist Brian May stepped in
That the mission ultimately succeeded is in part due to Queen guitarist Brian May, who meticulously created 3D images of the rubble pile to help the mission leaders identify safe landing spots.

NASA conducts crucial drop test ahead of Sept. 24 arrival of OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample
The OSIRIS-REx team performed a crucial drop test on Wednesday (Aug. 30), practicing what they’ll do when the mission’s real asteroid sample comes home on Sept. 24.

OSIRIS-REx science chief reveals NASA’s 1st asteroid sampling mission nearly didn’t make it (exclusive interview)
Dante Lauretta, the chief scientist of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, talks about the unexpected challenges of NASA’s first asteroid sampling attempt in an exclusive interview.

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