Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick Roasts Bill Maher to His Face


For any fans of Martin Short’s long-running character Jiminy Glick, you’re in luck: the problematic interviewer has come out of retirement to talk to Bill Maher.

Thankfully, Glick’s social skills have not improved over time. He spent most of the conversation asking Maher about other celebrities, interrupting Maher’s answers, or talking about himself. Between all that, Glick still managed to throw in some fun digs at Maher’s expense.

“I love this book,” Glick said, holding a copy of Maher’s recently published What This Comedian Said Will Shock You. He then quickly admitted, “I haven’t read it. No, I’ve read it cover and cover, but nothing inside. But word gets back that it’s delightful.”

Glick also asked Maher, “Everyone seems to love your book, but why trash Harriet Tubman?” When Maher tried to tell him his book doesn’t say anything bad about Tubman, Glick moved on: “Well, my assistant is rarely wrong, but your book is a triumph. What do you owe its success to, low expectations? … How does it feel to dominate a dying medium?”

Maher tried to answer Glick’s questions, talking about what he sees as a decline of reading in the modern world and emphasizing how grateful he is that his book’s selling well despite it. He had to stop halfway through his answer, however, because Glick had fallen asleep.

Shortly after waking up, Glick quipped, “I’ve always loved Bill Maher’s opinions… Opinions about COVID, the whole COVID thing. I ‘love’ getting my medical advice from a club act.”

When Maher tried to explain his general thoughts about the pandemic, Glick once again zoned out, then abruptly changed the conversation. Soon he was asking Maher, “Other than [Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard, who has influenced you?”

Glick saved the rudest for last, ending the interview by asking Maher, “Other than lacking one, what do you think your comedy legacy will be?”

Before Maher could answer, Glick sarcastically continued, “Really, Bill, because everyone loves you. They do. I mean, Republicans don’t like you, Democrats don’t like you… but your wife and kids do.” (Bill Maher does not have a wife and kids.)

Glick complimented Maher’s book and, as his closing remark, told him, “I feel that the boring and tedious guests make me a better interviewer, so thank you.”

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