Major storm threatens much of the US

Major storm threatens much of the US | The Hill

The Denver skyline with a lightning bolt traveling over it during a storm. (Getty Images)

A major storm system is expected to sweep across much of the country in the beginning of the week, bringing the risk of strong tornadoes, large hail and damaging thunderstorms.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning of a strong storm moving across the central and eastern US, leaving few areas of the country untouched on its path.

The storm began Saturday in California, where it unleashed thunderstorms and flooding that continued into Sunday.

It will continue making its way across the country, posing a severe weather risk on Monday and Tuesday to the central and eastern US.

NWS is warning that “all forms of severe weather will be possible,” for areas most at risk.

On Monday, the areas most at risk of severe weather extend from central and eastern Oklahoma into far southeast Kansas, Central Missouri and southern Illinois, according to a Sunday morning NWS update. On Tuesday, the severe weather risk extends across parts of Tennessee and the Ohio Valley region into the mid-Atlantic states.  

The severe weather could include “very large” hail, possibly over two inches in size, and tornadoes, including a few strong tornadoes, the potential for which could continue into the overnight hours, NWS warned. The severe weather could include “damaging thunderstorm winds.”

There is a “slight risk” of thunderstorms developing Sunday night across northern Missouri to central Illinois and Indiana. These storms may produce large hail.

From southern West Virginia into southern central Virginia, there is potential for “isolated large hail and/or wind damage.”



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